What is a Social Vending Machine?

In a world where most communication is done virtually rather than face to face, and instant gratification abounds, new products are being released that play towards the younger generation while still promoting pace to face interactions. One of these new products is the Social Vending Machine. Serving as a game center, social media hub, and phone charging station, the Social Vending Machine brings people together and provides a platform for entertainment and enjoyment that can be found across the board.

With new marketing schemes popping up all over the place, this new machine rewards its users for their marketing, focusing on a word of mouth approach rather than paid marketing. With every tweet, Instagram post, or facebook upload or check in, this vending machine will reward the recipient with some sort of free item.

Stationed at various events and celebrations, this machine has become a center for gathering, providing a digital hub for rejuvenation and interaction, whether it be through social media, or taking a break and relaxing with a friend and cold drink that was just barely gifted to you for using the Social Vending Machine.

It’s a win for everyone! Through the process of using this new device, friends and family gather, games are provided through the vending machine, the users become marketers themselves by promoting a product they have enjoyed. The machine then instantly rewards them for their promotion. These vending machines are also not solely limited to snacks or drinks. They also have been known to carry toys, candy, clothes, shoes, and much more. With the customer satisfied, the product has done its job and simultaneously promoted itself through its user. Therein, bringing new customers, more gatherings, more gratification, increased marketing, and the cycle starts all over again. These machines are worth keeping an eye out for! 

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