What factors need to be considered before designing a logo

Whether the ones needing logos are freelancers making logos, owners of small businesses, or in charge of marketing strategies at companies; designing a good logo can either make the business go into a boom, or make it go bust. Recent research reveals that it takes around five to seven good impressions for any person to remember a brand. 

Consistent brand representation increases revenue by almost 23 percent. This means that companies, brands and business entities alike need to pay close attention to how people present their business through their branding. 

But what do business owners and company executives need to know about designing a good logo? What role does a logo have for a brand to begin with? Let us now find out.

Why is designing a good logo that important?

Logo design should not be taken for granted. It also should not be perceived as a necessary nuisance or a necessary evil. Everyone needs to understand the value of a top-notch logo before business owners and executives brand their businesses and companies with average logos that neither resonate with the firm nor its customers. Entrepreneurs should also trademark their logo so as to avoid its misappropriation or misuse by competitors.

With numerous companies across the globe popping up on the map, everyone wants their firm to be recognized too. One of the best ways to do that is by making a recognizable, witty and memorable logo to associate the business with. Here is why designing a good logo for the brand matters a lot:

  • Grabbing the target audience’s attention quite easily.
  • Creating great first impressions via advertisements.
  • Standing out and differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Establishing a sense of professionalism early on.
  • Ultimately increasing the lead generation as well as sales.
  • Analyzing the industry as well as the competition present.

One of the best ways to begin designing the new logo is by carrying out the needed research on what is already present and what is not. It should be narrowed down to the specific niche and existing logos need to be explored to see what is present and what is not present. Close attention should be paid to what the audience likes and dislikes about certain logos of certain brands.

As companies carry research of the industry and competitors present, they will be hence able to find original solutions for the design issue. It will also help prevent them copying other logos by mistake and avert copyright issues too. 

Deciding on the logo’s concept and sticking to it

The logo’s concept is an integral part of what will make it stand out from the crowd. A concept can be anything ranging from a flying bird, a flying jet to a floating leaf, a car doing a one wheel and vice versa.

Depending on both the industry and the product portfolio, logo designers can go for a robust concept in the beginning and then work on it quite well. This will help them come up with more relevant concepts as each top-notch branding comes with a good idea.

Balancing between a logo and a logotype

THere are two key schools of thought namely logo and logotype. Designers can choose to make the brand more unique and attractive to the audience. A logo is a brand element that can easily work without text. It can also be paired with text which can work as a secondary element, like McDonald’s, Toyota, KFC and Honda.

Alternatively, designers can choose Logotypes which represent stylized text and is usually made up of the brand name and a small slogan sometimes. They are often used by corporations, like legal firms, HR consultancies and the like.

Testing the logo on various platforms

Before the logo is chosen, it is wise to have it tested on various places to ensure that it is legible, scalable, and is easily recognized. It will appear differently on type of web design, web app , business cards, and on apparel too. These mediums are indeed different. 

No need to shy away from redesigns in the future

Room for improvement is always present (including room for growth). This can go for both logos and logotypes. It means that nothing is stopping anyone from evolving the logo throughout time as each company will notice new trends and chances for improvements.

A lot of companies can benefit from redesigning their logo after certain periods of time because this will help them stay up to date with the current market conditions, expectations and standards of the audience too. 

Logo designing, one step at a time

Designing a logo that goes well with the brand takes time. Everyone needs to pay close attention to their competition. They should try to answer the demands of their audience with their new visual identity.

For that to happen, logo designers and marketers need to carry out their research and conceptualize numerous versions of their logo before going for the right one. Even Fiverr UAE can be helpful in this matter. Afterwards, there is always room for improvement. Anyone can add in significant changes to their logo over time to bring it in line with incumbent trends in design and marketing.

Jared Freen

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