What Every Successful Office Has

Starting a new business is something that was just a dream up until this point. Before making your first sale, it’s important to have everything in place in your office. After you find the perfect location you’ll need to create the layout to include separate offices, a conference room and other spaces, and bring in your equipment and supplies. Below is a list of some of the things most successful offices have.

Connections/Going Live

Every business, regardless of its size, needs equipment to connect its computers to the outside world. You’ll need things such as Ethernet cables, modems, routers and network switches. This combination gives you access to the internet and lets you assign different IP addresses to your employees. For example, the general staff would have specially-made addresses on certain areas on your network and select individuals will have another IP address that allows them access to sensitive company information. The connections will also allow your staff to perform functions like printing and scanning from their work station. Additionally, you will need to invest in a power backup source in the event of a power failure to keep your business operational.

Conference Room

The conference room serves multiple purposes. You might use it to have inter-office meetings, meet with clients or even to host holiday parties. For this reason, investing in a large table with ample space for reference materials and having comfortable chairs is essential. In addition, a large whiteboard and a projector system will give you the ability to host meetings for marketing and sales. To keep the environment uncluttered and add functionality, consider adding integrated connectivity like a pop up countertop electrical outlet with a built-in USB charger to the table.


Work Space

Keeping employees comfortable is vital to your success. Many offices still stand by the function and flow of the traditional L-shaped desk. The large top surface provides ample room for a computer, files, printer and office supplies while still leaving an abundance of room for working. The sides often contain two drawers each for hanging files and supplies and space underneath that you can use for a personal shredder. Since most office employees sit more than they stand, the chair should give the user the ability to change all of the settings for a personalized fit and have a swivel feature and casters for effortless mobility. Holders for files that hang from the wall are also an essential accessory perfect for smaller rooms where space is at a premium.  

Break Room

In order to keep employees energized throughout the day they need a place to go during their breaks that’s away from their desk. Depending on your budget, a break room can consist of a few tables, chairs, water cooler, coffee maker and a vending machine, or it can have a sofa, table and chairs, a refrigerator and a wall of food and drink selections. When employees get up and move around, they get their blood flowing and often return to their desk energized.  

Extra Services

Many successful business owners understand that their employees spend a good portion of their lives working for them. In order to repay them for their continued loyalty and hard work they offer extra perks above and beyond the norm in order to keep their employees happy. Some perks may include a daycare facility or a fitness center. These added benefits create a home-like environment to keep the staff comfortable.

You put a lot of money, time and effort into your business. The good news is that you can make it successful by creating an office space that accommodates your staff in every way.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.