What are the security systems that every business should have?

Businesses, whatever their type, require special attention in terms of protection. And the security market has adapted to these needs by offering a wide variety of systems that prevent or intercept any incidence.

In this article at Think Protection Inc., we review the most used security systems in businesses and their characteristics.

Most used security systems in business

There is a series of security systems that are basic in the protection of an office or business. Not for nothing, it is also about the most used security systems in business:

  1. Security alarm connected to the Alarm Receiving Center (CRA).
  2. Fire safety.
  3. Detectors of all kinds.
  4. Video surveillance.
  5. Immediate intervention.

Security alarm connected to CRA

Installing an alarm in your business is a priority. Its position as the most used security system in business is that it is the most versatile measure of all. Its usefulness accommodates the rest of the systems, generating a powerful dissuasive effect and intercepting any incident.

Individually, three types of alarms for the business stand out:

  • Alarm System of Grade 2, for businesses with medium risk.
  • Grade 3 Alarm System, for businesses with high risk.
  • Triple security, based on alarms with an anti-intrusion system, anti-sabotage and anti-inhibition.

Fire safety

Fire safety is another pillar that guarantees that our business is safe. The amount and complexity of the elements used vary depending on the risk to which a business is exposed. For example, an office does not need excessive deployment of systems, while the security of a restaurant may require more sophisticated systems.

The main fire safety measures for businesses are

  • Different types of specialized extinguishers according to the combustion agent.
  • Periodic maintenance of extinguishers by a professional and replacement.
  • Wall insulation in high-risk rooms.
  • Fire sprinklers with automatic activation.


To ensure that the security systems that are installed in businesses work properly, detectors and sensors are required to capture any dangerous event.

From the most common, such as notifications of theft, through the detection of floods or fires, to the most sophisticated ones, such as the perception of unusual vibrations, the detector market offers options for all kinds of circumstances.


  • Detectors specialized in anti-sinister security.
  • The seismic and break sensors, perfect against the button method.
  • The Perimeter Security and Early Detection, aimed to stop the assailants.

Video surveillance

Another essential security system is video surveillance. Increasingly affordable and necessary, it offers business owners control over everything that happens. It is perfect for providing evidence in case of theft but also helps to manage the work of employees better and to see how the usual activity of the establishment takes place.

There are many types of cameras perfect for business, although the main groups are:

  • The IP video security, connected to the Internet.
  • The CCTV, impossible to inhibit.
  • Hybrid systems, which combine IP and CCTV video security. In this way, it is possible to cover the failures that each system offers independently and guarantee Triple Security.

Immediate intervention

Last, but not least, is Immediate Intervention. This security measure is designed to act instantly in the event of an incident. For example, if someone tries to steal in your business, a service of this type will be put into action in less than 30 seconds.

Security systems for specific businesses

On the other hand, there are security systems and measures that are better adapted to specific businesses, such as the case of

  1. Security guards: Most common in stores, jewelry stores and clothing stores.
  2. Cash management: Own business that handles a lot of cash and high-value merchandise. It is a measure that protects the money that moves inside a business with armored trucks and high-security boxes.
  3. Safety fog: Although it is less usual, it is fantastic for businesses and stores with a lot of merchandise and stored product. This system releases an innocuous agent that reduces the assailant’s visibility to zero and incapacitates him to continue with the theft.
  4. Safes with seismic sensor: Business feature with high-value products in the establishment. The detector senses any tampering attempt. There are also safes with detectors for temperature, humidity, etc. specific for specific products.
  5. Anti-theft Security Barriers: One of the most common in businesses with a high risk of petty theft, such as supermarkets and clothing stores.

ConclusionIn short, protecting your business is not an easy task since the security systems most used in business are many and varied. However, by researching our specific needs and informing us properly, we can choose the best security systems.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.