What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

Virtual phone numbers have been highly beneficial for businesses, irrespective of their size and nature. In fact, using a virtual phone number for business is the simplest method to increase its profitability. The primary purpose of getting a virtual number for any business is to increase the accessibility of the business to its customers. A virtual number ensures that you stay connected to your customers any time from anywhere.

The basic function of any virtual number is similar to any normal number used for connectivity. However, a virtual number is much more versatile than any standard number as it utilizes higher technology that allows you to connect with any other number as well. 

While virtual numbers have been a great solution to the connectivity issues faced between business organizations and their customers, the benefits of virtual numbers for a business are still unknown to most of us; hence we shall discuss them today:

Uninterrupted connection

One of the biggest advantages of using virtual numbers is that your calls can be diverted to any number you are using or you wish to use. This basically means that you are not going to miss any call no matter where you are and what device you have. The VoIP calling system used in virtual numbers can help you establish the connection through a variety of devices like your mobile phone, personal computer, or telephone.

It does not matter if you are available at your office or not; you can connect with your customers from anywhere and any device while ensuring that you do not miss even a single deal.

Pay for one and get multiple numbers

You read that correctly! This is another significant benefit of virtual numbers that you get multiple usable numbers for the cost of one. You have to make a choice while getting the virtual number for your business and pick the plan that offers multiple numbers.

This will help you simplify your communication with your customers as you can assign different numbers for different purposes.

Higher output

As we said before, a virtual phone number allows you to establish a connection from anywhere and any device. This allows you to cut the miscellaneous cost of setting up a calling center inside or near your organization. You can set up your call center service anywhere and hire the best staff with the highest determination.

You also save the cost of purchasing multiple numbers. Besides saving costs, you can also increase the productivity of your business with genuine staff. Ultimately, the lower cost and productive staff result in higher outputs.


Professionalism is one of the most crucial elements in the business world. If you do not look professional enough, then your work ethic holds almost no meaning in the industry. In the cut-throat competition of the business world, it is important that you maintain your professionalism in the eyes of your customers. A professional-looking business seems more promising to the customer, and they are more likely to rely on you for services.

You must be aware that every customer wishes for on-time service and it is quite unappealing to them if they cannot access you easily through any possible medium. With a virtual phone number, you can ensure that your customer can reach out to you easily and feels secure as a consumer of your service.

Exclusive features

Besides the connectivity, a virtual phone number comes with a variety of other exclusive features. This includes customization, freedom of adding or removing numbers, changing voicemails, and diversion of calls as per your needs.

These exclusive features are not available with conventional calling numbers. In fact, your virtual phone number provider can offer you several other customization options if required.

Fast set up

Now, if you are thinking that it must be a time-taking task to get a virtual phone number and set it up with your business, then you are mistaking it. Virtual phone numbers can be set up quite immediately. Unlike landlines, virtual phone numbers are based on VoIP systems that do not involve numerous wirings. With a good internet connection, your virtual phone number can be set up within no time.


With all the possible benefits for your business, a virtual phone number is worth your investment. This easy-to-set-up tool can immediately enhance your connections with your customers and increase your profitability.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.