Ways women leaders can change company dynamics

Despite advancements in workplace equality, there remains a severe gender gap between men and women in positions of leadership. Less that 23% of C-suite occupants, or those that report directly to the CEO, are women. 

Unfortunately, old stereotypes still remain. What these incorrect assumptions fail to realize is the benefit that women leaders can bring. From profits to company dynamics, here are ways that women in positions of leadership can change things for the better. 

The Benefit of the Woman CEO

Studies now show that women in leadership positions share similar qualities. They are more likely to take risks, have a higher level of resilience, and show improved managing ambiguity. Better yet, these women are more likely to leverage the skills of others to achieve results. 

Other studies show that the most effective leadership teams are those that know how to read people. Surprise, surprise, the teams best at that skill were primarily comprised of women. Combined, these traits allow female leaders to better utilize their workforce and drive company growth forward. 

Better Behavior

Men often feel threatened by powerful women in the workplace, leading to plenty of wrongful termination cases and passing their female counterparts over for promotions. It’s a shame, because research shows that women employ five of the nine leadership behaviors that boost organizational performance. Those are:

  • People development
  • Expectations and rewards
  • Being a role model
  • Inspiration
  • And participative decision making

Companies that choose to focus on promoting and retaining women show more empathetic leadership, creating inclusive environments open to change. This, along with the five leadership behaviors, has kept them from stagnating in the market. 

Women leaders are more likely to share motivational stories that inspire employees, embrace the changes that keep a company ahead of the competition, and be shining examples of what they expect from their employees. 

New Perspectives

By excluding women in these leadership roles, companies are missing out on a large portion of talent as well as new perspectives. According to various studies, gender and racially diverse workforces show improved performance. They’re also more likely to do well in the global market. 

The ability for women to offer new perspectives ranging from innovation to product ideas is invaluable. They’re more likely to follow a different line of thinking than their male peers, making their ideas invaluable to finding solutions across the board.

Making a Change

From the manufacturing industry to law offices like the one run by Debra Schoenberg, every industry can benefit from having more women in charge. The research is in, and it shows that dividing leadership amongst men and women is the best way for any business to succeed in the modern world. 

These industries need to adapt, creating programs that actively recruit, retain, and promote women in their workforces. Those that fail to do so may ultimately fail themselves as the market changes yet again. It’s time to accept women in C-suite level positions and embrace all of the benefits they have to offer. 

Kevin Thompson

Kevin is a business blogger with a focus on digital marketing and e-commerce. With over 5 years of experience covering the latest trends in the digital business world, Kevin has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, innovative and forward-thinking blogger. He has a keen understanding of the intersection between technology, digital marketing and e-commerce, and is able to explain the latest trends and strategies in a clear, actionable and relatable way.