Ways to Successfully Recruit Talent From the Technical industry

Talent from the technology industry is notoriously hard to recruit to your business. Unless you are a big name like Google or Facebook, you are in a long line to find the talent you need. With the high demand and low supply of this type of talent,  you need to do something special to stand out from the crowd.

The good news is there are different steps that you can take to help recruit the talent you need from the technology industry. You may need to get creative and be willing to put in a little legwork (along with a little money to update your system), but it is possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple steps that you can use to successfully recruit the quality talent you need from the technology industry without getting left in the dust.

1. Invest in Technology

Tech professionals are not only skilled at their job, they are passionate about everything to do with technology. Your company may not be able to afford all the cutting-edge equipment, but if you are not able to provide a minimum of the same level the candidates are using at home, they will turn you down.

Tech candidates are going to take a critical look at the technology that you have at your company. Some will do it out of their own self-interest and others may worry that you are too behind the times for them to work there. Depending on the date of the technology you use, it could reflect poorly on you.

Before you ever start to recruit new talent for your company, make sure that you take a hard look at the technology. How out of date are the materials to start with? It may be time for at least a few upgrades to help you look good.

2. Establish Yourself in the Tech Scene

There are many cities and areas around the world that have tech scenes that are thriving. This is where top talent and tech companies will congregate together. They also have a large calendar of social events, workshops, and conferences.

Any time you would like to be attractive to the right talent as a potential employer, you need to make an entrance onto the scene. You should do this early on, long before you plan to hire if possible. This can help seal your reputation and can make it easier to entice the top talent when you need them more.

There are different ways to do this. Stage an event to show yourself off. Become a corporate sponsor to give the event some funds. For companies that are just getting started, you may be short on funds. It is fine to just show up and start networking face to face to make your mark in this scene.

3. Have a Smart Recruitment Strategy

It is time to modernize the strategy that you use to recruit new talent in the technology industry. The right HR software can help make it easier to find talent, go through their applications, and set up interviews too.

Going back to basics, a modern recruiting strategy is one driven by data. Algorithms have been able to change the face of HR, helping to process and assess large amounts of data to help in the hiring process.

With all of the data processed well, you will be able to get a good picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, which will help you determine if they are suitable for the role you want to hire for.

You need to be smart about the methods you use to assess and test applications. Interviews are an essential part of this, but a whiteboarding process will not be enough. Think about the different tools of HR that you can use to help make this go smoothly.

4. See How to Involve Your Current Team

For companies who already have tech talent, you can utilize them as a valuable recruiting resource. Many decision-makers in a business will fail to use the expertise that is already available. This causes them to move forward with recruitment without figuring out how the new talent will fit in with the team.

Without full knowledge of how the team works,  you could leave important needs unfilled or create some redundancy. In some cases, this can mess with team culture.

A good way to solve this problem is to ask your tech staff to draw up an accurate job spec that needs to be filled. They have a better understanding of all the elements of the role and they know which skills and abilities are important as well. You may do the full job description, but they can provide a lot of knowledge to help.

5. Tailor Compensation and Work Schedules

When your professional can be more selective about where they work, they are more likely to think about more than just pay. A competitive pay package is important, but you may not be able to compete with some of the larger companies out there. This is where flexibility and good compensation can save the day.

If you are not able to beat the pay of other companies, think of how you can make some other changes you can make. Can the talent work from home sometimes? Can you offer them a specialized work schedule as long as they get all of it done?

Are there other benefits you can add to the mix too? Offering continued education, more training, and even free childcare can set you apart and will bring that top tech talent to your company.

Finding the Right Talent in the Tech Industry

Sometimes it feels impossible to find the right talent to bring on board and help you handle all the technical stuff for your business. By following some of the steps above, you will be able to entice them to choose your business and become a part of your team.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.