Ways to Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks

In recent years, more than half of business organizations in the world have been affected by cyber-attacks. As technology advances, it has, in turn, given cybercriminals more tools to target vulnerable areas in businesses’ security systems. However, various platforms have come up with more effective ways to stop cyber-attacks. For instance, 2018 has been appraised to be much safer than 2017 regarding the number of cyber-crime cases that have happened in that year, and security experts credit that effort to companies that have invested in robust data security mechanisms. Here are 5 ways you can protect your company against cyber-attacks:

Securing hardware

With much attention given to the acquisition of most sophisticated cybersecurity software, safeguarding your company hardware has greatly been overlooked. Loss or theft of the devices can create an easy breach of the company’s information. Cyberattack prevention strategy should start with the basics of securing devices, for example, with complicated passwords. This seems simple but is very effective in preventing intruders from walking away with equipment from the company together with the sensitive data that they hold. Phones, tablets, and laptops should be equipped with tracking software so that they can be located easily when stolen.

Encryption and backing up data

Data encryption is an effective strategy in cyberattacks protection as it prevents physical access to the company’s sensitive data, rendering it useless when it happens to fall on the wrong hands. Encryption software should be checked regularly for updates on all company devices. Devices like desktops should be set with minimum time before going to sleep or lock mode to prevent access when the computer is left unused for some time. Backing up the data is another way of protecting data as hackers may choose to lock a company out of its systems.

Use antivirus

A virus is the worst threat to computer software, and it can directly affect the immunity of the computer, making it vulnerable to attacks. Antivirus is essential in providing online network security during web browsing and securing data saved on online storages. Reliable and updated antivirus should be installed in computers and company servers to scan information regularly to defend against undesirable breaks through the system.

Update operating system

Updated versions of the software are meant to increase security levels that were set by software engineers in previous versions to discourage cybercriminals from overrunning previous technology techniques. You should ensure your company gadgets run on the latest updates that developers have pushed.

Appoint security expert

Cybersecurity measures can sometimes be way too techy for you to grasp or execute. Hence, you should consult with a security expert to set up the whole system for you, and schedule regular check-ups to make sure there are no cyber risks. However, this is the crucial part. You should do a background check of the individual or firm he/she represents so that you could determine whether their services will be credible or not.

The internet era has brought with it a lot of benefits, but at the same time, more complex risks. Cyber attacks are very common nowadays and have been a significant setback to many established companies. Consult with Memset today, and your data security will be safer than ever.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.