Using a Staffing Service: Worth the Effort?

If you are like most employers, chances are you have considered using a staffing agency, or have at least heard of them. There are many benefits to using an agency, some of which we will cover here, but there are many that can be better explained by a consultation, or phone call.

How does it work?

Instead of combing the internet for suitable temporary workers, clients can find an army of laborers all in one place. Staffing Services Seattle is an easy, all in one service where all these freelance workers with flexible time schedules can be found. Workers don’t want to waste time searching for the right job ads and postings, while businesses don’t want to handle the paperwork and the tiring search for the proper candidates. This is when staffing agencies can help facilitate these time-consuming processes for both parties. Temp agencies help to fill in the gap between businesses that need qualified and skilled professionals in the required fields and workers that possess these expert skills.

The typical staffing services handles all paperwork issues, as well as hiring and terminating, and all employment taxes such as medical care, social security, and payroll. Employers will be presented with a list of suitable candidates according to the skills required, the negotiated hourly rate, the time period when the workers are required, and the number of workers needed for the job.

See Temp Agency Seattle for providing qualified workers to clients that want to fill a seasonal or temporary position. The main objective of staffing agencies is to match an appropriate laborer with a client that needs a short-term or long-term worker with a specific set of qualities, talents, and abilities

Other benefits of using a staffing agency

In addition to temp agency Seattle taking care of the required paperwork, staffing agencies also save the client’s time of reviewing numerous work resumes, finding qualified candidates, and performing drug testing and background checks. Thanks to staffing agencies, businesses can adjust their workforce according to their company demands and that considerably eases their business processes and operations. Temp agencies can guarantee that their workers possess the required skills and traits that the clients are looking for, saving the employer’s time and energy.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.