Use of modern video technologies by a small business

8K Ultra High Definition (Super UHD) technology with extended color gamut has appeared relatively recently. The first 8K TVs were presented at IFA 2018 in Berlin by Samsung and LG, and the American presentation took place at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. At the moment, there are already quite a few models of the above companies and other electronics manufacturers on the 8K TV market: Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Hisense. But 8K isn’t just about TVs, so we’ll see other devices on the market in the near future that support Ultra High Definition picture standards. Manufacturers of projectors and video walls will be next to enter the market of such devices. Among them, there are both world-famous manufacturers, the above-mentioned LG and Samsung, and small specialized companies: Divel, Mitsubishi, Barco (video walls) and ASK Proxima, Boxlight, and Christie (projectors). And if due to the lack of mass content, the consumer will be able to appreciate all the advantages of 8K TV only in the future, albeit not very distant, then businesses can use projectors and video walls right now, raising the interior design of offices, exhibition stands, and advertisement to a new level. How can small businesses benefit from this new technology?

Any company today wants to be associated with high technology. But how can this be achieved, especially if the company does not work in the IT industry or related fields? One of the solutions available to small businesses is to install a large screen that supports the modern standard of images in the office, at the exhibition stand or as a billboard. Ultra High Definition video and the presence of an extended color gamut (colors that are not available for display on devices of the previous generation) will immediately attract the attention of a significant audience to an event, stand, or advertisement, and incomparably higher image quality will clearly distinguish a company from competitors and consolidate its image as an innovative, associating brand with advanced technology. For example, it is impossible to pass by the curved video walls demonstrated by LG at CES. Using such solutions, you can make the interior of the most ordinary office or showroom completely futuristic.

However, the presence of output devices is only half the problem. Since the question immediately arises of where to get the content for such video installations. After all, video production is what your customers will see and what should impress them. The vast majority of video production studios have not yet mastered the subtleties of technical specifications, nor the special artistic techniques that you need to know and be able to apply when creating work at a new level of equipment and technology, and therefore are not able to create such videos. Video stocks do not yet provide high quality video content in 8K resolution. Now there are only a few authors in the world who create commercial 8K content that has been tested and used on a regular basis. One of these authors is Andrey Denisyuk, a video artist of Ukrainian origin. As one of the creators of the new standard and the creator of the first presentation for the first commercial Samsung TV in 2018, Andrey continues to be one of the leading artists in this field. His videos have exceptional appeal, fully comply with the 8K Super UHD resolution standard, and bring out all the color features of the new Rec.2100 standard.

Using artworks created by such masters as Andrey Denisyuk will allow you to solve many important problems. With quality content, you will receive a reference video that will allow you to customize your output devices such as a TV, projector, or video wall, and will be able to take full advantage of the resolution and color gamut that your device provides. You can use these videos to decorate your offices and exhibition stands, and use them as source materials when creating your own 8K advertising.

In conclusion, a small but important tip: to date, there is the only generally recognized professional association that has brought together the best representatives of the field of Ultra High Resolution images – the 8K Association. Only the best and proven manufacturers of technical devices and content become members of this Association, so when making decisions on the purchase of equipment or video materials, you can always check the correctness of your choice. Recognition of 8KA, and even more so membership in it, is a kind of quality mark in the Super UHD industry.

Published April 25, 2022 by Chung Nguyen

Chung Nguyen

Chung is a seasoned business journalist with a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With over 15 years of experience covering the world of finance and economics, Rachel has established herself as a respected authority on responsible business practices. Throughout her career, Chung has interviewed some of the most influential leaders in the corporate world and has covered major business events such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations Climate Change Conference. She is also a regular contributor to leading business publications and has won several awards for her work. Chung's passion for promoting sustainable business practices has also led her to author a book on the topic.