Up Your Small Business without Breaking the Bank

If you’re running or working for a small business, you understand that making a business work is expensive. So, how can you improve your business processes and increase your sales without stretching your budget even further? Luckily, the Internet makes it easy to find cheap and reliable services that will boost your business intelligence and not your expenses. Here are some easy and cheap ways to get the most out of your business.


Marketing is a huge factor in the success of your product or service. If you don’t raise awareness and actively pursue a target market, chances are that sales will be extremely slow. People have to know about you to buy what you’re selling, and marketing is the way to achieve awareness.

If you want cheap marketing, look no further than the Internet: social media and digital communications are fast, reach a large market, and keep costs low. To begin, a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to spread your product. Alone, these platforms do pretty well in garnering attention, but if you truly want to make use of them, you’ll need social media consolidation.

Social media consolidation applications offer a place to view marketing information, clicks, and site visits from all of your platforms in one place. Most of these platform applications offer free versions that feature fewer options than the paid counterpart, so you can add a social marketing consolidation to your marketing roster without any input into your expenses.

Data Analysis

Big data, business analytics, data mining, data science: you’ve likely heard these buzzwords thrown around often in the business landscape today. For good reason, since the biggest and best enterprises out there are investing a large amount of money into the collection and analyzation of data. Data on sales, marketing, demographics, and consumer trends can offer insights for better business decisions.

If you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on analytics, how do you take advantage of the massive amounts of data out there? Thankfully, there are some great services you can integrate easily that scale to smaller businesses. Consider purchasing Sales Analytics Software. This service allows you to compile your sales information, marketing data and results in readable graphs and premade reports. Many services provide free trials, and most small scale Sales Analytics Software are low-cost depending on the scale of your operations.

Project Management

Team coordination and time management are two of the most difficult aspects of managing a large-scale operation. If you have any people within your business, chances are that a project management application would improve your team’s efficiency. Project management applications combine planning, managing tasks, time management, and collaboration in one consolidated location. These applications are your one-stop shop for managing a business.

Project management can be tricky; the Project Management Institute states that integrating your company goals with strategic planning, which is what project management software offers, is one of the key components of a successful project. If integrating your organizational goals into everyday business sounds attractive to you, you may consider integrating a team project management software into your processes. Many services offer low monthly prices for a conglomeration of several business applications, so this software investment won’t break your budget.

Technology investments don’t have to be expensive. Plenty of services and tools that can provide professional level analytics and software at a low cost (or even no cost!) are out there, you just have to know where to look. With this list of tools under your belt, prepare to increase sales with data, marketing, and project management efficiency, without kissing your budget goodbye.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.