Trends to watch out for the print industry in 2019

As 2019 dawns upon us, it is time to look into how the printing world may evolve come new year. We have seen an increased number of businesses accepting a 3D printer as a mechanism that can push the businesses and adopt it. That being said, being minimalistic in the marketing approach is something that has emerged as a trend as well, and many marketing firms have clearly adopted that as a strategy.

While the printing world can be assessed in both these terms of technology, as well as trends, we would also want to focus on the business aspect of things before saying with a certain definitive approval that a certain trend should be followed in the new year. That being said, we reach out to quite a few firms, and Little Rock Printing helped us with their insightful knowledge of the industry and the cold logic in terms of certain business decisions that they have made over the course of their existence.

Here are our top 5 trends to watch out for in the 2019 in the Print Industry:

  • Integrate technology in the business, as soon as possible

With the rise of IoT, technology is becoming increasingly integrated. Printers are no exception. In 2019, we can expect to see more advanced devices make integration easier, as people expect more and more from their printers.

The market for multi-function printers – which can scan, copy and print, among other functions – will also likely continue to expand in the coming years. Technology providers are looking for ways to add more functions and capabilities to these devices, so users can look forward to more developed and cutting-edge features on multi-function printers. A3 devices – which are able to handle 11×17-inch paper – will also increase in demand.

  • The growth in demand for security of client’s documents

On top of increased functionality and integration, document security is going to take a front seat in many organizations. In addition to digital security measures, businesses like healthcare organizations and educational institutions are investing in technology that requires ID scanning to collect classified documents.

The printing industry has undergone many exciting changes recently. Workflows will become increasingly digitized, as businesses look for ways to improve efficiency and allow more employees to work remotely. Technology integration will also be key within the new printing climate, and it will allow for quicker, more efficient commercial printing.

  • Workflow digitization, and keeping abreast with it

More and more printers are now coming with document capture devices. This allows users to digitize their documents and store data quickly and efficiently. Finding, accessing and sharing information becomes easier with document capture, so an increasing number of businesses are utilizing this feature.

Automated workflow processes that can efficiently link customers, printing systems and services will also grow in demand in 2018. These automated workflows will allow users to work remotely and continue printing through whichever device they need.

  • Accepting minimalism in design

Off from technology, and onto trends. The world is filled with digital chaos, complexity and instability. What many audiences are seeking is a return to honesty and simplicity. Minimalism is the way forward: an image with a clear and elegant purpose will prevail. Keep text short and to the point. Maximize white space and find a layout that’s simple, clean and authentic. Remember, less is more.

That being said, your client would still need something that can become iconic for their brands. Don’t be afraid of being bold in your design. That will help you as well as them in standing out.

  • Personalizing the prints for your clients as much as possible

Everybody agrees that print is already a highly personal medium, but why not go one step further? With personalized prints you can reach the consumer on an individual level, and build a meaningful relationship. Techniques like custom poster printing, personalized flyers and direct mail will give your print marketing the edge. If you really want to impress, try gathering online data about your customer’s preferences, and include that in print. Is the product they’ve been researching now available online? Why not let them know with a beautiful flyer or perhaps even a novelty product that is completely their own?

We hope that these trends help you out as much as they been doing it for the best in the industry.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.