Top Secrets on How a Knee Pillow Wedge Can Improve Your Small Business

Employees spend roughly eight hours at their workplace. Chairs tend to press the hips, misalign the backbone and pelvis, and force people into lounging or slumping. Hence, sitting for extended durations has been proved to cause various health issues and overall productivity. Since you don’t have a way of stopping them from sitting, you should aim at protecting their bodies. While the right setup can help, your staff can be more productive if they get a quality night’s sleep. Quality sleep helps to better the immune system, reduce stress and improve mood, think more clearly and perform better, get along better with others, and increase productivity. To better their sleep, your workers should consider knee cushion wedges. Stores like Everlasting Comfort have varieties of products, meaning your employees can get pillows that suit their tastes and preferences. On this page are fantastic ways in which encouraging your employees to use knee cushion wedges can improve the productivity of your business.

Lessen Back And Knee Pain

Sitting in the wrong posture and hanging legs for hours can make workers experience knee and back pain. At first, this pain might appear less serious, but it increases over time. Living with constant pain isn’t only unpleasant. It can make your crew reluctant to perform any normal duties for fear of making the pain worse. Besides, they might start to withdraw from the rest. Placing a knee pillow wedge under the knees lowers pressure on the spine. This backbone alignment is crucial to quality sleep and can help a person to wake up without pain, thus performing better.

Promote Blood Circulation

Sleeping on the side stresses one side of a person’s body. The entire bodyweight presses their hips and leg into bed, compressing the blood vessels. This can slow down blood circulation, resulting in pain or tingling in the limbs. Putting a pillow below the knees relieves some of the weight compressing the body into the bed. The weight is transferred to the cushion, where it’s better redistributed, improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation supplies the body’s fundamental organs with adequate nutrients and oxygen required to operate, making daily tasks less tiring.

Decreases Pressure On Sciatic Nerves

Pressure on sciatic nerves causes sciatic pain. When an individual’s spin twists into an S shape, it compresses the nerves in the bottom of their spine. Mixed with an existing contraction of the spine, this is among the major causes of sciatica. Prolonged sitting in an incorrect posture strains the back, worsening sciatica symptoms. Besides, sciatica can cause severe pain, weakness, or numbness in the lower back and legs, making it hard to lift or bend daily. Placing a quality pillow such as those of Everlasting Comfort flattens out the curves in your backbone. This allows more space for sciatic nerves, decreasing the strain on them.

Maintains a special backbone position

The knees of side sleepers knock together all night. While this position is comfortable, it puts pressure on the perceptive stress points of the hips and shoulders. Side sleepers can put a knee pillow wedge between their knees for extra support.  As your employees grow old, disc degeneration and herniated discs usually become a greater threat, lowering a person’s productivity. Quality pillows can offer better spine alignment and pain relief.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.