Top 5 Warehouse Trends To Watch For In 2021

Customers are focusing on online purchases more than venturing out to the stores. Online retailers have to make the purchasing process easy for the customers. An efficient supply chain system allows customers to rely on online retailers.

We have compiled a list of five warehouse trends to watch. If you are running a warehouse, it is essential to use these technologies to make the supply chain more reliable.

Voice commands

Many warehouses are moving towards new ways of controlling processes. Voice command is one of the latest trends of 2021. The warehouse workers can activate the voice commands to call the products and packaging material without typing.

It can help the workers make the process more efficient. A worker has to type the product name on the tablet. It may take one minute to search for the product using a tablet.

The worker can finish the same task within ten seconds by using the voice command option. The warehouses can’t use voice commands for every product. It is going to require extensive training of the workers. Warehouses can avoid it by using different command options.

They can use the voice command most of the time. When there is difficulty in finding their products using voice commands, they can type the product name.

Solar energy devices

Most warehouses have high energy consumption. A large part of the warehouse budget goes to the electricity and other power bills. Warehouses can reduce the cost of electricity by using renewable sources as the management can install solar panels on the roof of the warehouse.

It will generate enough energy to run the warehouse on renewable energy. It is also possible to use devices that have solar panels installed on them.

If your warehouse needs some equipment that has to be in the open air, you can use solar power devices. Air conditioners can run on the solar panels directly if you put solar panels on the outdoor unit.

Machine learning

If you are looking for a technology to reduce the workload in your warehouse, it is better to use machine learning techniques. You can start by bringing the machines that can learn from the experience.

Once it starts working in the warehouse, it slowly learns everything. We can take the example of the product collection of robots. If you bring the robots with machine learning, they will learn to do everything efficiently.

The robots will place the products on the shelf. Once the product is needed, the robots will move using the quickest way to bring their items. NetSuite consulting can help you find excellent machine learning robots. If you can reduce a few seconds during one product collection, you may save hours in one day.

Advanced automation systems

Every warehouse has a set of processes to collect and pack the things. The process may start by receiving the items to be sent to the customers. After receiving the items, we have to place them on the perfect shelves.

After the customer place an order online, the warehouse has to send the item. Each of these processes can be automated using advanced robots. Some warehouses are using customer automation using the NetSuite consulting systems.

Once the customer places an order, the automation system in the warehouse will send the product to the dispatch chamber automatically. Some warehouses have a system to print the customer details on the packaging material even before the material reaches the packaging chamber.

Most of the warehouses of the e-commerce market leaders are using this technology.

Management systems for warehouse

As the number of customers is growing, it has become impossible to manage warehouses using manual systems. Now, every warehouse is using management systems. The management system can track everything using barcodes.

When the products are received from the manufacturing facility, the warehouse can assign barcodes to them. The technician can add all the stock details to the management system. The management system will track the products using the barcode at every step of the process.

The workers in the warehouse can track the number of products on the shelf and the dispatch chamber. It is also possible to track the customer details using their management systems. You can check the complaints from the customers and resolve them efficiently.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.