How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Engagement is the holy grail of Instagram. Whether it is likes, comments, views, shares, or mentions, you need the right mix of them to become successful on this social media platform. If you want your audience to swipe right on your Instagram posts, this article is for you. We have researched the best 5 tricks that will grow your engagement rate and drive traffic to your Instagram account. These are 5 effective ways that will increase Instagram followers and engagement. These tips and tricks delve deep into the secrets that are going to drive traffic to your account. These techniques will get you more likes, shares, Clickthroughs (CTRs), etc.  Go ahead and dive into the ocean of infinite possibilities by using these effective techniques. 

Consistency is the key 

Instagram Marketing is all about results rather than perception. We understand that engaging people for a long-time might be difficult but the right approach will take you there. The importance of quality content cannot be ruled out in this case. You must ensure the right frequency of your posting.  You can easily build a community of loyal followers on Instagram by publishing quality content at peak times. What’s more? Remain committed to your goals and be passionate about your work so that you get more love from your fans. You can take advantage of a social media calendar to plan, curate, and publish the content accordingly. 

Adopt a hashtag-friendly approach

Hashtags were founded in 2007 and since then it has been at the forefront on Instagram and other social media platforms. Hashtags serve the purpose of sorting and filtering content on this networking platform. However, this technique is not failproof. There are certain conditions attached such as the right number and length of hashtags. We recommend using a maximum of 6 hashtags and short ones. This will prevent your account from getting a shadowban. Just search for the trending ones in your niche and you are good to go. Use hashtags in your bio, Instagram Stories, locations, etc. for higher visibility. Besides this, the common hashtags enhance the SEO of your posts. Hence, give them a kick start too. You can also employ a hashtag analytics tool to discover the best hashtags to improve your engagement rate.

Get feedback from your fanbase

Just as customer feedback is necessary for a business, it is equally relevant to brands that operate online. You can get feedback from fans with the help of polls, questions, and stickers. You must know a lot about your audience and learn if you lack that information. Just ask your customers about their favorite products and the best thing about your brand. This will enable you to create highly engaging posts in the future. Another notable question that can drive engagement is the “Ask Me Anything” that allows your fans the opportunity to know more about your brand. You can also get your hands-on the Swipe Meter and understand the thoughts and feelings of your audience. 

Explore out-of-the-box features 

For driving traffic and engagement, you need to come out of your comfort zone and invest time & money in Instagram’s enhanced components. Curate content according to the tastes and preferences of your follower community. Apart from the usual multimedia content, you can test the success rate of gifs, Filters, Instagram Reels, carousels, and IGTV. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate videos and stories as these get more views and likes. Besides this, don’t forget to take advantage of sub-settings of these features such as the Stories Highlights. 

Be realistic 

Even as witty and clever posts drive more engagement, authenticity has no other alternative. Your current and prospective customers would gradually understand the purposefulness of your account. Just like you live your life the way it is meant to be, you can live your Instagram brand. Showcase the behind-the-scenes of your business and communicate with your followers in the comments. Shoutouts are an excellent way to win the trust and attention of your fanbase. You can go further down the road and repost your followers’ images for increasing the trust of your followers. In a nutshell, you need realistic, unique, and eye-catching content for having a lasting impression on your fans. 

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Just ensure that you adopt the right Instagram strategy for phenomenal growth. Most tricks encompassed in this article will enable you to maximize your reach or increase your presence on Instagram. Just remain dedicated to your work and use the right approach so that your business becomes a brand of value. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.