Top 5 most durable commercial flooring options

Apart from the usual living space flooring, commercial flooring should be more durable, strong, and attractive. There are few areas in the offices that are much crowded and carry the burden of high traffic. While other industrial floor spaces contain heavy machinery and need to be perfectly maintained.

Considering all these requirements, you need to select the most appropriate type of commercial flooring that may last long and fulfill your demand.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of versatile and hard-wearing commercial flooring options, so you can opt for the most suitable one.

Luxury vinyl tiles: Give your offices the versatile look

If you want to cut down the cost of your commercial construct but also do not want to compromise the durability, then the luxury vinyl tile LTV is the best option for you.

It can withstand heavy traffic and is most suitable for hospitals, schools, and restaurant flooring. In the LVT, you can get a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. 

All the different hardwood patterns, terrazzo, and unique design of vinyl floors tiles are available in the market. This is the reason the demand for luxury vinyl tiles is too high. LVT can easily bear the load of heavy foot traffic, but in industries, it is not so suitable.

Its multilayer composition makes it scratch-resistant, and LVT can resist water and can be installed easily.

Luxury vinyl tiles are composed of three or sometimes four layers, bottom or back layer, core, and outer protective layer. The bottom layer is made of vinyl combined with fungus-resistant substances to protect the ground from moisture and fungal attack. 

The second layer is also composed of vinyl, while the third layer is the photograph of either wood, stone, or any other flooring material. Above all these layers, a transparent protective layer is provided to increase the stability and durability of vinyl tiles.

Terrazzo: durable and impressive entrance

Terrazzo is perfect for places where you do not want to compromise durability. It is the most long-lasting, highly durable flooring material available in the market. 

Terrazzo flooring is commonly applied in showrooms, airports, and at the entrance of offices. It is also the perfect choice for the gaming zone, where you want to give different effects to the gaming area.

The terrazzo floor is easy to maintain, stable, and best for high or heavy traffic areas. You can also add different logos and designs on your terrazzo flooring to impress the visitors.  

The Terrazzo floor is composed of composite materials like glass, granite, marble, and quartz. Different metals are used to make designs, logos, and patterns on the floor. The metals used for making design strips include aluminum, zinc, and brass. To hold or bind the composite material of terrazzo cement or epoxy is used.

This type of commercial flooring is cost restrictive if you are installing it in small spaces. For large areas, it does not cost much. Its installation is a little tricky and needs expertise, so it also costs more than other flooring types.

Epoxy flooring: heavy-duty industrial-grade floor

Epoxy flooring is the best-known flooring solution for manufacturing and distribution houses of industries. It is also commonly installed in hospitals due to its abrasion and mold-proof nature.

Epoxy flooring is made of thermosetting epoxy resin and additives that give the floor versatility and aesthetic character. The epoxy flooring is protected from chemical spillage, scratches, and stains. To make it hospital environment-friendly odor-controlling materials and antifungal compounds are used. 

Instead of its high durability, versatility, and stability, it is cost-effective and can be maintained or cleaned easily. If the epoxy flooring is clean properly, it looks new even after the lapse of several years. 

Depending on the area where it is installed, different epoxy coating is applied, and not all coating is appropriate for all types of floor. For commercial spaces and garages, clear epoxy coating is used, while the metallic epoxy floor is installed in the places where you want to give a stylish look.

Although the installation cost of epoxy flooring is not high, its maintenance cost is high. 

Carpet tiles: cost-effective flooring for business premises

As the name suggests, it is soft-surface flooring. It is different from broadloom carpet in the sense of composition but looks exactly like the loam carpet. Unlike the broadloom carpet, it does not catch dust or pollen that may be unhealthy for you, and it is water-resistant.

Carpet tile is easy to install and a cost-effective solution for soft flooring. You can install it in the bedroom and on office floors because it does not fade even in the high traffic. 

If a portion of the tile becomes damaged, you don’t need to replace the whole tile. Instead of replacing the complete floor, replace that specific portion. Expertise is required to change that square of carpet title to give an even appearance. For this purpose, you can hire QC commercial flooring professionals to transform your home, office, or school floor and give it a perfect look.

Rubber flooring: Gym friendly floor

Rubber flooring is specially meant to provide a cushion. It saves people from injuries. Its demand is high for the gym flooring because it absorbs the noise that may produce from the dumbbell or other gyming devices. 

The rubber floor is highly durable, stable, and can bear a high traffic load. There is no design available in this type of flooring, and it is used only for special purposes.  

We will not suggest you install it in your home because its rubbery smell might irritate you. It is perfect for gym and hospital use where there is a high chance of fatigue.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.