Top 11 Saas Services For Internet Marketers

The SaaS business model has been gaining popularity since 2010, largely because it is both scalable and profitable relative to other businesses. The market volume of cloud SaaS solutions is expected to reach more than $60 billion by 2023.

SaaS marketing will be growing as well. So if you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to adopt new strategies and try new tools to make your product more successful. You should also pick your marketing toolkit that fits your SaaS needs, not just follow the latest trends.

Nowadays, there is a great deal of SaaS services available on the market that are affordable even for entrepreneurs and small companies. 

In this article, we will look at the 11 best services for SaaS marketing that can help improve team efficiency and solve specific problems.

1. Finanza

Finteza is an advanced tool for analyzing your products that provides access to more than standard reports. The service is specially made for those who want to analyze the quality of traffic and study the target audience and its behavior on the site thoroughly to maximize sales and reduce costs.

Finteza offers several useful features that effectively solve marketing tasks, from inbound traffic analysis to independent conversion optimization of websites. The system allows you to store all the data in one place in real-time and save on the support of different tools.

One of the best features of this service is the ability to assess the quality of a website’s audience. This allows you to identify low-quality traffic on each of the sources and quickly notify you of any suspicious activity. Thus, you can easily detect fake conversions and track the start and end of scams. 

You can also create and analyze all the advertising activities on your website (landing pages, banners, graphic and text blocks) and manage them on a single Finteza interface. Moreover, you can create a single marketing campaign on all sites and apps that are connected to the system. 

With a wide range of tools, Finteza allows you to customize ad targeting based on language, devices, geography, and other conditions to get the maximum benefit. For example, with its help, you can show ads only to those visitors who haven’t yet made a purchase.

2. Qualaroo

Qualaroo allows you to get useful data about your target audience and optimize your marketing strategy. For example, you can find out on which pages visitors spend most of the time or why they leave your site as well as the pages from which the least number of orders has been made. This service will help you understand why customers make certain decisions and use that data to increase conversion rates.

Another option that Qualaroo has is the ability to create forms and surveys to collect real-time feedback about your product or service. There are many survey options you can choose from like text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more. 

Plus, you can ask specific questions minding each visitor’s behavior and avoid showing the same survey twice. You can set up all notifications of responses to your questions via email.

3. SurveyAnyplace

SurveyAnyplace allows you to create interesting surveys and interactive questionnaires to attract users. This tool is one of the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey with the same services plus some new features that allow you to explore your target audience in more detail.

Filling out questionnaires or surveys looks more like a game because of the emojis, various drawings, and GIF images. Moreover, questionnaires can be adapted to almost any device and used on the website, in any app, or on your Facebook page in a few minutes.

SurveyAnyplace stores all the data together. It uses data visualization tools to create a detailed analysis that is easily downloaded in PDF or PowerPoint format. A bonus is the offline capabilities if the Internet connection is limited or unstable. Plus, the service is multilingual.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online service for checking texts in English. With its help, you can compose competent letters and texts and check them for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. 

You can install the Grammarly plugin for your browser. This plugin works in any text field and helps to automatically correct possible mistakes. Plus, the service is now supporting Google Docs.

The Grammarly Premium subscription provides more in-depth text analysis, which includes plagiarism checking. 

5. Moosend

Moosend is one of the best services for organizing mass emails, which includes advanced analytics, marketing automation features and many other useful options. The service has an intuitive and simple interface that makes it easy to create sales funnels, lists, build sequences, and automatically schedule emails to be sent at set times. 

The newsletter generation process is so simple that it doesn’t take much time or expertise to create great content for your customers. 

Moosend also presents a large number of analysis tools that allow you to check whether an email has been opened or not and track interactions. Emails play a vital role in reaching your target audience directly adding an email signature acts as a digital business card and helps to increase CTR. The Heatmap feature allows you to analyze where emails were opened. A/B testing functionality is also available. 

Moosend is one of the best services for organizing mass mailings, and it includes advanced analytics, marketing automation, and many other useful features. The service has a user-friendly and simple interface that makes it easy to create sales funnels, lists, build sequences, and automatically schedule emails to be sent at set times. 

The mailing generation process is so simple it doesn’t take much time or special knowledge to create useful content for your customers. 

Moosend also provides many analysis tools that allow you to check whether an email has been opened or not and track interactions. With the Heatmap feature, you can analyze where emails were opened. A/B testing functionality is also available. 

The best thing about this service is that you can easily customize and add your brand to the mailings.

6. Hunter

Hunter is a useful SaaS service for finding available email addresses using the name of the person or company they work for. It provides 25 searches and 50 verifications per month for free. You can also install its Chrome extension and instantly get all emails available for the domain.

It is a handy tool for cold outreach since it allows you to find and verify email addresses from your email lists ensuring high deliverability which means your emails will reach the key decision makers. 

A paid subscription allows you to increase the number of searches to 50,000 per month, export their results in CSV format, and connect up to 20 Gmail accounts. That way, you’ll be able to send cold emails using Hunter Campaigns. 

The advantage of the service is that it doesn’t use third-party databases and doesn’t show emails that are already available to everyone.

Hunter also includes other useful features such as email availability checks, email tracking, bulk features, technical searches, and more.

7. Better Proposals

Better Proposals is an online service to write commercial offers. It allows you to compose professional, well-formatted, and modern online offers quickly with authentic digital signatures, payment features (PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless), and other third-party integrations.

All commercial offers made with Better Proposals and posted online are tracked and usually have a high conversion rate. You can see when an offer is opened, downloaded, or redirected for further work. You can also receive email notifications when someone views your file or makes a payment online.

8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides a great set of useful tools on one platform for companies of any business model and size. It’s great for business owners, digital agencies, and SEO experts. The service also has a user-friendly and easy interface.

SE Ranking is known for its 100% accurate site position checking. It covers all major search engines, locations, and devices, including Google Maps and YouTube.

The service provides detailed information about your traffic and visibility in search results so you can make changes in time and, if necessary, optimize your SEO strategy.

Moreover, SE Ranking can help you perform a full site audit, pinpoint weaknesses, and get recommendations for each problem. You can also use many other helpful features, including site change tracking, keyword clustering, backlink analysis, promotion plan, White Label, and more.

9. Tidio

Tidio is a live chat that helps customers ask questions about your services or products easily. The tool is perfect for e-commerce businesses as it helps interact with potential customers in real-time and increase sales.

All customer responses are stored in one place, which allows the support team to address all possible issues at once. Plus, you can set up automatic responses triggered by certain events or conditions. For example, when users visit your website’s page twice.

Another useful feature is the ability to create a chatbot. It saves time and helps automatically respond to the same questions from customers. Setting up a chatbot doesn’t take much time.

The service can also serve foreign customers by personalizing chatbot messages based on the site location or browser language settings.

Moreover, Tidio can be integrated with various tools, apps, and CRMs (Zapier, MailChimp, Magento, etc.).

10. SocialPilot

With SocialPilot, you can schedule publications and analyze SMM activities with one push of a button, saving you time and effort.

The service allows you to connect and manage multiple social media accounts.

One of its advantages is the ability to manage all your Facebook ads in one platform. You can also connect your TikTok account and add reminders to post videos to your profile. Overall, it’s a very useful tool for business owners and Internet marketers.

11. SMSGlobal

The best way to create a successful digital marketing strategy is to implement flexible and dynamic tools within your tech stack. There is no other marketing channel more flexible or effective than SMS marketing. 

With SMSGlobal’s SMS APIs, you can build your own custom text messaging solution directly within your software. Their versatile documentation enables you to easily integrate SMS marketing capabilities that fit your unique communication needs. 

SMSGlobal’s services are guaranteed to bring you great ROI as SMS is known for its incredible 98% open rates (higher than any other marketing channel available). Take advantage of SMS marketing in your strategy to grow your reach, boost engagement, and convert customers like never before. 

Bonus: Zonka Feedback

Getting customer feedback is vital for improving product, retaining customers and increasing revenue for all products, more so for SaaS businesses.

Using Zonka Feedback, a Customer Experience and Product Feedback Software, businesses can collect feedback in-product and in-app to measure in-moment feedback from users.

Web Widgets and microsurveys can be shared at all touchpoints of customers’ journey from website exploration, to purchase, to onboarding, exit intent, feature use, feature reports and more.

With its user-friendly interface, it makes it easy for SaaS businesses to create and send surveys, feedback forms, and polls to customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and in-app. The platform also allows businesses to automate feedback collection, so they can gather valuable insights without having to spend too much time or resources.

One of the most significant benefits of Zonka Feedback is its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. The platform provides real-time data on customer feedback, allowing businesses to measure and track key metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score). This data can help businesses identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and prioritize customer needs.

Overall, Zonka Feedback is a powerful SaaS feedback software that can help SaaS businesses of all sizes gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback to improve their product, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive growth.


Using a successful marketing strategy for SaaS companies allows you to better understand your target audience and choose the right channels to attract potential customers. With the tools mentioned above, you can improve the quality of customer service, reduce costs, and develop your business more effectively.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.