Top 3 Low-Investment Businesses You Can Start from a Laptop

In today’s world, some lucrative businesses can be started right from a laptop. The best part is that some of those businesses require very little capital to start. Wondering what businesses we are talking about?

You won’t have to keep wondering for too long because we are about to reveal some low-investment businesses you can start from your laptop. So if you are planning to start a business soon and don’t have a large capital, ensure you check out the businesses in this article.

1. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a retail business where the seller doesn’t have to fulfill orders physically. Instead, the seller buys products from a wholesaler when a consumer places an order and chooses the consumer’s location as the address for package delivery.

You need very little capital to start and operate a dropshipping business. You don’t need to rent any physical store or warehouse to store goods since you won’t have to physically handle the goods you sell. Also, you don’t necessarily need to employ staff to deliver products since a third-party supplier will deliver products directly to customers.

Your primary role as a drop shipper is to advertise available products and process orders online. Fortunately, a laptop is all you need to perform these tasks as a middleman. The little capital needed to start a dropshipping business is mainly for funding the cost of adverts and the little expenses you’ll need to set up an online store.

2. Consultant Business

You can start an online consulting business with extensive experience in any field. There are lots of people out there who are willing to pay money to benefit from the knowledge you have.

The best part is that you don’t need significant capital to start an online consulting business because you don’t need to rent any physical office or hire staff. All you need is a laptop to attend to your clients, a website, and some ads to create awareness for your business.

While a laptop is enough to run an online consulting business, you must consider several things before starting a consultant business. The primary factor you need to consider include:

  • License and certifications: You may need to get licenses and certificates before working as a consultant in some fields. For instance, you can’t just start a consulting business to give US immigration advice if you don’t have some licenses and certificates that qualify you. Hence, we recommend that you make some findings about the field you intend to work as a consultant before you set up an online consultant business.
  • Knowledge and experience: You shouldn’t rush into a field just because you have little knowledge. You need extensive knowledge about the profession you intend to help people with because you’ll encounter various complex tasks.

3. Digital Marketing Business

Digital marketing is now one of the most lucrative businesses to start with little capital. For a start, you can run a digital marketing business all alone, but you may decide to hire other people to support you later when your business starts growing.

Your job as a digital marketer is to attract online consumers to other businesses and get paid for doing so. You don’t necessarily need any special license or certificate to become a marketer, but you need to know how to persuade people through various means before you become a marketer.

You should be ready to offer these services as a digital marketer:

  • Social media management services: You’ll have to manage the social media accounts of the business you intend to promote. You’ll have to monitor customers’ engagements with your adverts and respond to some engagements when necessary.
  • Pay-per-click services: Through this service, you’ll direct people to the websites you intend to promote. This service particularly requires excellent creativity because the pay-per-click service you are rendering shouldn’t be too obvious to the people you are directing to another website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation services: Through this service, you can increase the online visibility of businesses in search engines.
  • Email marketing: You’ll have to send captivating and persuasive emails to potential clients in order to drive sales.


As you have seen, some low-investment businesses can start from a laptop. So, a lack of large capital shouldn’t hinder you from establishing your own business. All you have to do is get the knowledge required to operate the business you intend to start and go for it.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.