TMS Health Solution and The New NIH Study

The National Institute of Health has recently released a landmark study concerning low-income neighborhoods, industrial sites and mental health. The study was quite innovative as it fused a sociological cross-section of mental health with data from an environmental inequalities study. The findings of the study are absolutely astonishing and they should direct our politicians in making new policies.

The study found that those who live near industrial sites have more feelings of powerlessness and neighborhood disorder. Both of these feelings lend themselves to mental health problems. And these mental health problems are exacerbated when the neighborhood is low-income or made up of minorities.

Directing Public Policy

The National Institute of Health suggests that politicians begin to place industrial sites near wealthier and whiter neighborhoods. This is due to the fact that wealth and whiteness actually mitigate the psychological impact of these industrial sites.

Unfortunately, many industrial sites are placed near low-income neighborhoods full of minorities. This has a tremendous impact on well-being in those communities. It leads to the feeling of powerlessness, isolation and depression.

Seeking Help

TMS Health Solutions is an innovative company that specializes in the treatment of depression. They understand that environmental factors have a big impact on mental health. This nonjudgmental group of professionals is ready to treat your clinical depression and feelings of powerlessness through innovative therapy.

Medication Management

The innovative company has extensive experience in managing medications. They can guide you through different clinical medications to find the one that works for you. And medications may be required to fight off environmental factors. The impacts of pollution on physical and mental health are clear, and you may find yourself living near one of these industrial sites.

Innovative Therapy When Medicine Fails

TMS Health Solutions specializes in non-invasive therapy for those who cannot be treated with medication. The therapy is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and is completely safe. It is cleared by the FDA and its positive effects have shown promise for those who cannot be treated with anti-depressants alone.

Therapy Is Covered By Most Insurance

The company’s innovative therapy is covered by most health insurance plans. The psychological treatment, as well as the medications, are covered by companies like Blue Shield of California, Anthem, Cigna, United Healthcare and Optum. Many more California-based companies provide coverage, as well.

Understanding The Root Of Your Depression

Oftentimes, it is difficult to understand one’s own depression. It’s especially confounding when the depression comes on during summertime. But the NIH has found that environmental factors play a role in our mental well-being. These environmental factors may be out of your control which can only further the feelings of powerlessness and depression.

The Many Signs Of Depression

Many times, depression starts showing itself as a habit. You may be showing the early signs of anxiety and depression if you are looking at your smartphone too much. Those who escape the responsibilities of the real world by scrolling through their phones are using the technology as a comfort blanket. Research shows that those who use the phone in such a manner are highly prone to anxiety.

Substance abuse is another tell-tale sign of depression. You should reach out for help with your depression if you find yourself drinking every night, blacking out on the weekends or turning to drugs for comfort.

Judgement-free Zone

The professionals at TMS Health Solutions understand that depression is out of your control. In fact, according to the latest NIH study, it may be due to the industrial plant near your neighborhood. There is absolutely no judgment when you walk through the doors to be treated for clinical depression.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.