Tips to Increase Your Product Ranks in The Amazon Search Result

You should have a clear understanding of A9 (Amazon’s search algorithm) to rank higher on the online selling platform. It goes without saying that you need to extensively use keywords without stuffing and optimize every field possible. You can increase your product’s sales and visibility by providing complete and relevant product information. These tips should help you get your Amazon listings to rank higher.

1. Focus on Amazon Backend Keywords 

Amazon is the best way to sell online. However, you need to make the most of the tools offered by Amazon to optimize sales listings. Backend keywords are hidden keywords that are used in the backend section of your Amazon Seller Account. 

These keywords are used by the A9 algorithm to ascertain which product listing is being targeted on the site. You can look at backend keywords as meta tags on Google. It helps search engines figure out which page to bring up for specific keywords. You can use backend keywords in five fields with a 50-character limit. Never go beyond the limit and never repeat words.

2. Optimize the Product Title

The product-title ranking factor is an important element of Amazon SEO. You want to place the most relevant keywords in the title while ensuring it is readable and high-quality. Consider the following while creating a product title:

  • Brand name
  • Clear description
  • Essential features or a specific ingredient
  • Color and size of the product
  • Product quality (if applicable)

3. Add Keywords to Your Seller Name

Many marketers have observed that by adding a keyword within the seller name, they could get the listing to rank higher organically. However, this is a tricky neighborhood. You don’t want the seller’s name to look keyword stuffed. You want the keyword to fit in naturally.

4. Best Way to Sell Online Is Through Rebaid 

Nobody likes paying the full price for a product. If you offer discounts on Amazon, you may not get higher ranks even though you may manage to increase sales. However, by using launch platforms, like Rebaid, you can effectively offer incentives to your shoppers while improving product rankings.

Shoppers would pay the full price on Amazon and get a rebate later by email. This helps fuel your listings to top results while ensuring your customers keep coming back for more.

5. Create High Quality Product Descriptions

The best way to make your product listings rank higher is to get more people to buy it. This means you need to attract the right kind of customers first. Create high-quality, informative, and relevant product descriptions. 

Make sure you keep the end-user in mind while creating these listings. However, you shouldn’t ignore adding keywords. Try using bullet points to make the copy natural, easy to read, and convincing from a sales standpoint. 

6. Put Referral Traffic to Good Use

Outside traffic is your best bet if you want to improve your product listing without making your conversion rates fall. Drive target customers from social media sites, blogs, and forums to specific landing pages on Amazon instead of the product listing. This will allow you to collect essential clicks and sources without affecting your conversion rate.

Cyndy Lane

Cyndy is business journalist with a focus on entrepreneurship and small business. With over a decade of experience covering the startup and small business landscape, Cyndy has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, insightful and approachable journalist. She has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners and is able to explain them in a way that is relatable and actionable for her readers.