Tips to Increase Productivity at Your Plumbing Business

Showing up to work late, time-wasting and procrastination are all factors that can greatly affect an employee’s productivity. The plumbing business or industry is time-conscious and the last thing you want is having a culture of time-wasting and inefficient time management. Sometimes, clients will look for you during emergencies and odd hours and, as the owner of your plumbing, you should be setting a good example for your employees to follow when it comes to efficient time management to enhance employee productivity. Below are tips to increase employee productivity at your plumbing business, and if you would like to learn more about plumbing companies like The Plumber Guys click here.

Business owners and managers are encouraged to practice making lists to make their employees hyper-productive. Employees are often multitasking; from checking emails to running errands and answering customer queries. Jumping from one task to another can make it very challenging for them to complete projects because it is a time-consuming approach to task management. Encourage employees to have a to-do list every day so that they know the tasks they are expected to complete on a given day. To-do lists can help them focus on more important tasks first whilst avoiding unnecessary multitasking and time-wasting. It can be very satisfying to watch your list grow shorter as you cross items off it each day.

Have a system that integrates scheduling and time management software can make your work easier. Scheduling customer appointments can be a tedious task and keeping track of your plumbing technicians and the tasks assigned to them can be even harder. Having a system that keeps track of all these pieces of information can save you triple the time spent on trying to manage these aspects manually and decipher poor employee handwriting as well as reconciling billing inaccuracies. For instance, if you are using Quickbooks, integrating plumbing software can help you track time, stay organized, and provide your plumbers with a creative way to plan their service calls daily via GPS. Ideally, plumbing software or management system can make your work easier, thereby saving tons of time and boosting employee productivity.

Get rid of all potential time-wasters at work. Employees spend a lot of time on social media (Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp) and do a lot of online window shopping and all these can waste a lot of time each day. Having policies that spell out when employees are allowed to do online window shopping and social networking can help to manage time more effectively. This can be done over lunch and coffee breaks. You can also restrict access to such sites so that they can only be visited during certain hours of the day. This can save employees a huge amount of unproductive time which can be used elsewhere to achieve the organization’s goals and increase the overall bottom line.

In today’s digital world of social media and the Internet, employees can be easily distracted by social networking sites and online shopping or e-commerce platforms. This can make it very difficult to manage time effectively and increase employee productivity at your plumbing business. However, setting out clear policies on social media access, making to-do lists, prioritizing tasks, integrating scheduling and management software, and getting rid of time-wasters, can significantly reduce time-wasting and procrastination and boost employee productivity. This can be good for your overall bottom line.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.