Running a smooth business and surviving through its initial years is no less than an achievement. Many studies have reported that around 49% of businesses do not make it till their first year of opening. Some go bankrupt by their third year of operation. Enterprises demand a strategic approach and a sound knowledge of how to expand it further while maintaining your revenue and profits. From hiring the professionally qualified employees to managing the finances, it requires a lot of hard work through the years to sustain a business. After establishing the firm ground in the market, the business owners move on to seek and apply methods that can boost their sales and profits, first locally and then globally.

Expanding business means that you have to maintain enough budget to grow and increase your cash influx simultaneously, to keep your operations running. The famous brands today were once confined to the local market only until they spread its roots all over the world. It does not affect where we are; we can find an outlet or two of some world-famous brands around the world. How did they get here? Did they move here? How did they manage to expand? These questions may arise in everyone’s mind who has an interest in the business.

The famous brands that are now globally functional implemented tactics that yield fruitful results in their profit generation and business expansion. Taking a business to an international level is a complex and dynamic process that entails so many things to come over and rectify your plans accordingly. With the advancements in technology, the distances have reduced to a minimum, and communication has become easier than one can ever imagine.

Let us discover a few ideas that can assist and boost your business growth all over the world.


Business owners intend to outreach more customers to expand their services. FBA amazon US, is helping many businesses to develop their client and customer’s network globally. These services enable you to send your products to them, where they can pack, pick, ship, and even provide customer services for these products. You can save shipping money as they provide free shipping on potential products.


One of the best methods to let others know about your business is its digital presence. If you want to avail of FBA services, you will need a website and social media pages for your company. The current century revolves around digital connection and has provided a lot of opportunities to people all over the world. People can easily collect information about any business before they make a visit or a call. Equip your business with suitable technologies and effective channels that can make its way to the screens of millions of people. Even if you have a set up abroad, if it does not have robust digital marketing, no one is going to know about its presence in their market. Promote and publish as much as you can and spread the word through local people.


If we ask you about the famous brands, you can name a whole list of them. Whenever we go, we can find the brand of our choice that is present in other countries as well. Spending time, money, and resources in creating your brand will make you unforgettable. A brand represents your business; the more you will pay to make it compatible with every market and clientele, it will boom with influxes and will get the attention. While creating a brand, look for the factors that can be useful in the international market. Recreate if you need to design a logo in the native language of another country. Publish in the native language and approach the news agencies to get access to the local people.


Before you can approach the global market, develop a business plan that entails your short and long term goals. Develop a strategy that is localized and focus your plan on driving the local success. Analyze the trends and techniques of international markets and compare them with your local market. Identify the areas that you need to improvise and strategies that need modification. Developing a process that can work simultaneously in your local and international markets can provide you chances to move forward.


Many business consultants are offering their services to local business owners that are looking to expand their business internationally. If you are increasing your customer reach through e-commerce sites, or have to ship your products abroad, consult with a company that deals with the overseas businesses and ships for them. They can provide you with export and import guidance and how it can increase or impact your sales.


You might be competent to run your business single-handedly while you are dealing with local market clients, but expanding business means needing more people. Look for the employees with skills and expertise that can help you look after your business operations. They can assist you in getting you updates about the recent market trends and the changes. If you get to hire a certified public accountant (CPA) on your team, this addition can boost your business in the countries you want to expand your business.


Many companies in various countries like the US, UK, or Canada, do not export everything everywhere. Target new export segments that can provide you the best quality products. Search for the new export opportunities within your markets to power the growth of your business.


Your local market might not be a difficult place for running your business, but if you are looking to expand it outside your local market, you are going to need a thorough plan. Follow the trends of international markets and have a SWOT of your business plan. Analyze the changes that you need to incorporate. Get your product gap to analyze and assess its compatibility with international trends. Ensure that your strategies and business plan have the flexibility to adjust to the changes that are happening in the global market. Offer new opportunities and plan methods to grab the attention of international clients.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.