Tips On Making Your Endless Swimming Pool Business A Success

Swimming pool installation, maintenance, and repair can cost a fortune. That’s why not everyone has it in their homes. However, the swimming pool industry continues to thrive. The health and fitness industry, together with technology, has paved the way to the production of modular swimming pools and swim spa. One of such hybrid pools is the Endless Pool.

If you’re planning to venture into the endless swimming pool selling and installation business, here are some tips for you:


  • Do Market Research and Benchmarking


Knowing your target audience can steer your overall sales in the right direction. Conduct a market research that gathers data on customer preferences when it comes to choosing a swimming pool or swim spa.

Include benchmarking on your market research. Determine the winning factors that helped current Endless Pool businesses reach their level of success. You could learn a thing or two from their format, but you must never imitate them. Your research should help you create a unique brand and not a mere imitation.


  • Competitive Analysis


Some of the existing Endless Pool businesses you’ll encounter are also your competitors. Do a competitive analysis. Aside from knowing the strengths of these businesses, you’ll also find their flaws. This information should guide you on your business path by knowing which steps can be too risky and must be avoided. You’ll also have an idea which improvement to make to gain the upper hand in the competition.


  • Create a Winning Marketing Plan


Effective marketing plays a huge part in any business success. Your marketing strategy should address both offline and online markets through traditional and digital marketing approaches.


  • Traditional Marketing:


    • Demo -Bring your products to potential buyers by offering demos at malls and business exhibitions.
    • Events – Sports events and competitions are also excellent opportunities to showcase Endless Pools for physical training.
    • Advertising – Reach out to more home audiences and street folks through TV ads, newspaper, print ads, and billboards.


  • Digital Marketing



  • Showroom or Display


Delight walk-in customers by having an on-site display of your endless swimming pool. You can show them the actual parts and highlight its best features. This way, your customers can have a real feel of the product and be able to visualize it.


  • Vet Your Suppliers


If you’re relying on suppliers for your Endless Pools, make sure to contact only reliable and accredited swim spa and Endless Pool. It’s important that you only offer genuine Endless Pool. So, vet your suppliers and be stringent with quality.


  • Have Quality Equipment


Customers expect that your customer services go beyond selling and installation. Occasional repairs and regular maintenance are inevitable. When you include these extra services, make sure to only use quality products and equipment for Endless Pool maintenance and repair.


  • Invest in Manpower


A growing business will require additional workforce. You don’t necessarily have to hire many employees, but you have to make sure that if you’re hiring a few, they should have the best talents. It’s also best to provide training to mold their soft skills. Since your Endless Pool business will involve a lot of sales and some hands-on service, hire reliable and trustworthy sales associates and skilled workers.


  • Be Customer-Focused


Customer service is undeniably a vital part of any business. Taking care of your customers is always a priority. Bring your customers closer by engaging with them and addressing their inquiries. Consider their preferences and highlight the features that best suit their needs. You could also consider offering a swim test for customers who want to experience swimming on the Endless Pool.

Endless swimming pool business is lucrative, but like any other business venture, it also comes with risks. So, always be open to possible obstacles and strive to be resilient. Aside from selling leisure and comfort, you’re also selling fitness and wellness. Your target market may be limited to athletes, trainers, and financially-capable buyers, but with quality product and service, you’re always a step closer to business success.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.