Tips On Keeping The Construction Site Clean

If you’re involved in construction, you just know how messy it can be. There are rules and regulations that need be followed to ensure that the permit is not revoked. One of the biggest challenges you will have to face is how to manage the dust on the construction site. Too much dust is not only a health hazard but can also make it dangerous to work on the construction site. That is why it is important that you plan on how the dust is going to be managed. Getting effective Dust Control Products and Solutions requires that you do your homework. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking for ways to keep the construction site clean at all times to improve the safety and the working experience.


Prep The Site

According to website, the prep work to be done will depend on the scope of the project. A mining project will obviously require a lot more planning compared to normal construction work. If it is a construction project, one of the most popular ways of preventing dust is by placing plastic sheeting on the ceiling and the floor of the workplace. The sheet will help in containing the dust which could come about as a result of the construction work.

Another effective option is the use of sticky plastic sheeting. This will provide an extra layer of protection and is available in different forms.

A construction site can also use accessory kits which will control the dust through zipper closures. The purpose of the zipper closure is to keep the dust controlled in a particular area. Pre-taped drop cloths and painters tape can also be used as alternatives for zipper closures.

Open Spaces

The materials should be kept outside if possible when working on open spaces working in spaces will prevent inhaling dust which can be a health hazard in a construction site. Working in small and tight spaces can be dangerous given the fact that there is no sufficient ventilation.


Water is one of the most effective means for dust control on the construction site. It can save you money in the long run as it is extremely cheap. You just have to make sure you’re careful with the watering as you don’t want the construction site to be muddy. Too much water could also make it a challenge for vehicles to access the construction or the mining site.


This another effective method of controlling dust. Chlorides are known to retain moisture for long periods of time and will come in handy for dust and erosion control. Chloride is unique in the sense that it will help with holding down of dust. It can also help in the paving of irregular surfaces.


Stones can be used in areas where it will be almost impossible to establish vegetation. This can be used for constructing roads or haul surfaces where it is not practical to construct standardized roads.


Even though prevention is always the best medicine, regular cleanup is also as important. You don’t have to wait for the dust to accumulate before you can think about hiring post construction cleaning services. There should be a cleaning routine on the construction site that should be strictly adhered to in order to promote efficiency and overall health of workers on the construction site.

Using professional cleaning equipment like surface cleaners as shown below in the pic, could be a great way to keep certain areas, frequented by clients and officials, spick-and-span.


Handling waste is another challenge that you’re likely to face with a construction or a mining project. There need to be procedures in place which will ensure that the waste is properly handled and disposed of safety. Rubbish should not be allowed to fall off freely at any level of the project. You can use chutes to manage this risk. Mining companies have been sued because of poor waste management. Getting rid of waste for a big project can be challenging. That is why proper planning is necessary before the commencement of any large scale construction project. Make sure you hire a bobcat from companies like Balcatta Bobcats Perth to make your waste removal task easy.

To conclude, keeping the construction site clean will ensure that everyone is safe and there are no health hazards. Everyone on the construction site will need to take responsibility for the general cleanliness and safety. Dust control is going to be one of the biggest challenges you face with the construction. Depending on the nature or scope of the project, it will be better that you let someone else handle that aspect so that you can concentrate on the core. This is particularly true for mining projects where there are several moving processes.

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