Birth Certificate Translation: How Is It Done And For What?

When it comes to birth certificate translation it’s completely normal to be in a hurry. After all, everyone wants to deliver those papers as soon as possible to the government office or wherever they are needed. Translation at times can be confusing, especially if the language the person is trying to translate to or from is not well known, which makes it only harder to find someone fit for the job. The steps to have a birth certificate translated are simple and easy, but for what would someone need a birth certificate translation? 

Why Would A Person Need To Translate Their Birth Certificate?

There are many reasons why would someone need to translate their birth certificate. At times a person may run out of time attempting to do a translation of their birth certificate because they were not aware of such a request. The following are a few examples in which someone could need to translate their birth certificate:


If a person is ready to travel or is planning to do so, they will need to get their passport ready. Yet that is a document that cannot be acquired without a valid birth certificate. This can be especially difficult if what you need is a translated one. People often use their birth certificates to verify their identity while traveling in areas where the passport is not a requirement. However, without a valid birth certificate, the passport cannot be requested and traveling may prove more difficult.

To Request A Green Card:

Another important area where birth certificate translation could be needed is when a person requests a green card, as providing a translated and certified birth certificate is a needed requirement. A person may not be able to translate their own birth certificate per the country’s laws, so they would need to get it translated by a valid and licensed translator, along with the notarization of a licensed and registered notary.

Getting A Child Registered To School:

When a person has their child registered in school they will need to provide a valid birth certificate, and in case it is not already in English it would need to be translated first. A valid translated birth certificate needs an approved signature from a notary as well as from the translator to confirm the accuracy of what was translated. 

What Steps Does It Take To Translate A Birth Certificate?

Translating a birth certificate is quite a simple process. The first thing a person needs to do is to get a translator they can trust, and one that is licensed. Once the translation is done the person would need to have the translator sign to confirm the accuracy of what was translated and finally bring the document to a registered notary to notarize it.

A birth certificate translation can be done by the same requester, though it depends on the organization if the document will be valid or not, so usually it is better to simply get the document translated by a professional and be able to prove its accuracy.

How Long Does It Take To Have A Birth Certificate Translated?

Birth certificate translation does not take that long, though it fully depends on the translator’s availability and skills. A skilled translator should take either one or two days to have a birth certificate translated and signed, which afterward all you have to do is to take it to a notary to get it notarized. 

At times a person may need to have a secondary translator prove the authenticity of what was translated, for further accuracy. 

What Is The Approximate Price To Translate A Birth Certificate?

The approximate price for birth certificate translation depends completely on the document that is being translated. Usually, a translator will charge around $20 per page translated and certified, while on the other hand, a notary will charge also around $20 to notarize the already translated birth certificate. The price for birth certificate translation will depend on the number of pages they need to translate.

Final Thoughts:

Birth certificate translation is a needed requirement for many different kinds of requests to the government such as a driver’s license, school registration, traveling, or requesting a green card amongst many other reasons.

A person should always get a licensed translator and notary, which will give assurance that they are truly licensed. Not following these steps can cause problems in requesting a green card or a license, among others, because they would be taking the risk of their request being denied due to an unexpected and unwanted occurrence. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.