Tips on Getting Your Cannabis Instagram Account to Grow

Even if you have already created an account for your weed business on Instagram, there is more to it than just having an account. You need to put in plenty of effort and work hard to engage with the consumers because that is how you will get your Instagram to grow in a natural way. Before you can engage with consumers, you need to have people following you on the social media site because then they will see what you are posting. It can take some time to get those followers.

Getting a large following is usually not the kind of thing that happens overnight for most business owners. However, if you come up with a good strategy and you stick with that strategy without giving up, you will start to make some major progress. Feeling uncertain about how to start getting more followers? Try the following tips below.

Post Some Good Content

Always post high-quality content. Even if you do not own a professional digital camera, you can still take amazing shots of your products with your smartphone. Not only can you take great photos with a smartphone, but you can also use photo editing software to enhance these images and make them look even more appealing to those that are browsing Instagram. While editing a bit is always good, you do not want to do too much to a simple image. Editing more than necessary could leave your pictures looking unrealistic.

If you are regularly posting great images to your Instagram page, your page is going to stick out to others and you will have good impressions on Instagram. People will have an interest in your page and will eventually decide to follow you.

Do Hashtag Research

Use the search feature on Instagram to find hashtags that relate your niche. It is a fantastic way for you to come up with keywords to use on your own hashtags, but it also gives you an opportunity to connect with others that have some of the same interests. If you are connecting and networking with these people, you can get more followers and build a bit of a community surrounding your niche. It helps to follow those that are in the industry and those that are considered leaders. You can even follow other business owners but be careful not to follow your competition because you certainly do not want to look like you are attempting to steal their ideas.

Do not forget to follow people that fit within specific demographics. For example, you may want to find and follow women living in your area because you run a local women’s clothing boutique or something of that nature.

Use Paid Services

The development of digital technologies and social networks has led to the fact that every modern person has the opportunity to become a truly public person. For many, the likes of Instagram photos have acquired a special meaning, because this is one of the ways to tell about yourself. Buying likes on Instagram you realize your ambitious plans. In this case you use special paid services where you can buy a small package of 100 real Instagram likes for an affordable price. Please note: this is about buying likes of real users, not bot profiles, because of which the post owner has a very real risk of losing his reputation as an honest user.  

Have a Contest

People enjoy having an opportunity to win a prize. If you can find a business that is not a direct competitor, you can see if the business owner would like to work together with you to plan a giveaway to get more followers and improve your marketing. Consumers would need to follow each page on Instagram, possibly like or comment on a photo, and then tag a friend in the comment section. You could decide to choose a few random winners after running the contest for a week or two.

Use Your Site to Promote Your Page

When people visit your website, you should let them know that they can check you out on Instagram, too. Millions of people are using the social site and may prefer to see what you post on Instagram rather than constantly visiting your website.

Now that you are more aware of what you can do to make progress on Instagram, do not hesitate any longer to get started. Even if it takes a few weeks or months for you to gain the number of followers you want to have, it will eventually happen for you. Just remember to post regularly, upload great content, and engage with people as much as you can. It is very much possible to have plenty of success on Instagram when you use the site correctly and to your advantage.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.