Tips For Designing Outdoor Advertising Banners

When you’re looking for ways to create awareness and advertise your business, local events can be a great opportunity. You get to interact with people who could potentially be new customers. That is why it is important to stand out during the event and this can be achieved through banner advertising. If you’re looking for some good banners for your outdoor event, you can check out The Teardrop Banners and Flags Store. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to design outdoor advertising banners.

Determining the Purpose

It is important that you first identify the purpose that banner is trying to achieve before you can think about the design process. It is crucial that the targeted audience is getting the right message with the banner advertising. If the purpose of the banner is to create awareness about your company’s mission and objectives, it might be a good idea to include your logo and personal branding on it.

In any case, if there is a change in your product offering services, you also want that to be clear to the potential audience. Banners can be designed to achieve different sales and marketing purposes.


This is another important consideration that always gets overlooked when creating banners. The placement will affect the choice of color and sometimes even the message. You should work backward when thinking about the placement of the banner. The color scheme of the banner should contrast with the placement so that the message stands out. You don’t want the potential target to have a hard time reading the message because of poor placement.

Use of Texts

It is recommended that you use large texts for the banners. Banners are different from other marketing materials because the aim is to get the attention of passersby and they should be visible from a distance. The contents of the banner should be written in a large readable text so that your message can be read without a problem, even if it is from a distance. You can research more about the fonts to use. Make sure that your personal branding is taken into consideration.

Readable Font

As we’ve already mentioned, you will need to research the font that connects you to your potential audience. The font should be bold and readable. It is not just about the text but also the font and its weight. It will be tempting to go with a flamboyant font given the tons of options that you can choose from. In most cases, bold san-serif is readable and can be used for outdoor advertising. You can also use Times New Roman which is highly readable as it is used even in newspapers.

Simple Message

You don’t have a lot of space to list all your services. Banner advertising should consist of one main message. It should be consistent with the brand and the product or service offering. The most successful banners are very simplistic in nature. You will have a very small window of opportunity to capture the attention of your potential audience. A simple banner is designed for the purpose of communicating your message in the shortest time possible. No one has the time to go through paragraphs when walking past your stall. When designing the banner, you should remove everything that isn’t needed.

Include All the Necessary Information

Apart from removing the unnecessary information, it is also important that you include all the vital pieces of information. This again will be informed by the purpose of the banner. Are you looking to create awareness for a particular product or service or do you just want to create awareness for the brand? If it all about creating brand awareness, you might only need the name of the company and the logo. When designing the banner, you should only include the information that is likely to bring the results.

Quality Graphics

You should never compromise on the quality of the graphics. The aim of a banner is to attract attention and poor graphics will not help with this endeavor. Make sure you’re only using high-quality images and graphics for the design of the banners. High-quality graphics will not only draw attention but will also help in reinforcing the brand messaging.


You should choose the appropriate colors when designing the banner. Some popular colors when it comes to attracting attention include red, orange, yellow and green. Colors have different associations, and the ones you choose will depend on the message you’re trying to pass across.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.