Three Ways to Put Your Marketing Efforts on AutoPilot

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I want to first start off by apologizing for my absence on last week.  There was so much going on that I just haven’t had time to write as much as I wanted to. 
I participated in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Resource Event in Dallas Texas. (#WERE14), helped my little brother get into college (oh how I missed the longggg lines for financial aid and etc.) – NOT… and most importantly re-branded the blog (YAY!).
But now I’m backkkkkkkkkkk!
Today’s post will cover five ways to put your marketing efforts on autopilot. 
I am sure that you may be wondering — what exactly is Marketing on Autopilot?

Marketing on Autopilot

When your marketing efforts are on autopilot, it basically means that they are systematized and automated.
In this day and time, automating your marketing efforts has never been easier.  Here are three ways that you can accomplish this:

    1. Use social automation and sharing tools – to share your content.  If you write content – from a blog or website on a regular basis, tools such as Hootsuite (aff link) and Twitterfeed will work well.  These tools will allow you to “automate” your posts… and automatically send them to your social media platforms. This will in turn drive traffic to your website or blog..and allow visitors  to view more about the products and services that you offer. 


  1. Email Marketing with auto responders –with email marketing auto-responders, allow you to send pre-written marketing campaigns or personal messages to your customers (and prospects) over a certain period of time. The campaigns that you send are normally triggered by some form of action – as in request for information, a subscription to your email list and etc.  Some of the most popular email auto responder message tools are:
    1. Aweber (aff link) (my personal favorite and program and auto responder that I use)
    2. Mailchimp
    3. Constant Contact

Here is a great slideshow that has a 12 step auto responder sequence that you can use and modify in your email marketing efforts.


  1. Use lead generation strategies – As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, lead generation is an incredibly effective strategy that you can use in your business to automate lead capture and build additional marketing funnels in your business.  While I am in no way an expert at lead generation…like the good old folks at Hubspot — I do use lead generation in my business and know it works.

Usually with lead generation there is some form of lead generation magnet or “freebie” tied to an optin-form that is used to request specific information from potential customers.   Take a look at the example below from Hubspot.  As you can see they are offering a free guide – in exchange for information:

Hubspot Lead Generation Example

Hubspot Lead Generation Example











I hope that the strategies mentioned in today’s post give you some ideas on how to get started with putting your marketing efforts on autopilot.  Cheers and make it a great day all! Want more advanced training, check out my training and resource pages.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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