10 Simple and Creative Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business Growth

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Creating lead generation strategies for your business involves the process and methods you use to attract prospects, capture information from them – and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation in Your Business?

The 3 main reasons that you should use lead generation strategies in your business are as follows

  • To attract leads and prospects to your business
  • To build additional marketing funnels in your business
  • To ultimately convert prospects into paying customers

10 Online and Offline Lead Generation Strategies

In this day and age of marketing, its important to have multiple strategies in place where you are constantly funneling new leads into your business.

Today. I am sharing a list of 10 online and offline lead generation strategies for small businesses that I have found via the web — as well as the slide presentation that I used to present at the  #WERE (Women’s Entrepreneurship Resource Event) Conference on last week. 

To round things up for you, here is what is included on the list of ways and strategies that you can use to attract customers and generate leads:

    1. Your Website (Adding Freebies, Mini Kits and Guides)  
    2. Back of Your Business Card
    3. Email Signature 
    4. Social Media Shares 
    5. Blogging 
    6. Video with Optin Forms 
    7. eBooks with Optin Forms 
    8. Direct Mail 
    9. Content Marketing 
    10. Referral Marketing Programs

Without further ado, here is that presentation:

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