The Top Five Features of a Commercial Security System

A commercial security system aims to protect your property from potential theft, vandalism, burglary, intrusion, fire, and other environmental factors. The best security system will include special features such as a surveillance camera, live feed, cloud storage, and around-the-clock human monitoring. A surveillance camera for businesses is an easy way to monitor people coming and going from your property. However, a single camera is not the best way to protect your facility, even though it is much cheaper than a security system. Security systems are a costly investment but are much less than the cost of pain and suffering caused by property crimes. According to GSS data and a recent report by the Canadian Government, the cost of property crimes is estimated to be over 15 billion dollars for non-fatal injuries. A surveillance system with these top five features can save you a tremendous amount of money and suffering.

1. Security Company

The best commercial surveillance and security system will include 24-7 assistance and monitoring. The security company will call you and notify you during any emergency. For example, if the alarm is triggered, the security system will call the police and call you to let you know something has happened at your facility. Many surveillance systems include applications that can be installed on your phone or electronic device. However, they do not offer personalized customer care. The best security system will offer human monitoring at a discounted price.

2. Professional Installation

A commercial security system is expensive. It would be frustrating to install an expensive security system and break a surveillance camera or alarm. It would also be upsetting for the security system not to work during an emergency because it was not properly installed. Ultimately, your money would be wasted.

The best security systems will include professional installation. A technician will not only install the system but also teach you how to use it. They will help you set up your electronic devices and answer any of your questions.

3. Potential Vulnerabilities

What happens when the electricity flickers? How will you be protected if a storm causes your circuit breaker to fail? The best surveillance and security systems for businesses will be protected against vulnerabilities like a power failure. The surveillance and security system will include a backup power supply such as a battery or generator. The battery or generator will kick in during a power outage and protect you and your business from a potential security breach.

4. IP Ratings

You may have heard a surveillance system sales representative tell you about their system’s high IP ratings. IP ratings measure how well your security sensors, cameras, and devices can resist natural elements like water, dust, wind, and UV rays. Natural everyday grime and elements can damage surveillance and security devices. The best security system will have an IP67 rating or higher. A lower score can result in a security breach due to a water droplet.

5. Efficiency

A surveillance and security system protects you from potential theft, burglary, and invasion. However, it is just as important that the security system allows people into the building who are welcomed on the premises, such as employees and customers. It is very annoying for your security system to alert the police every time an employee comes and goes from the building. The best surveillance and security system is highly efficient. They will quickly recognize who is allowed in and who is a potential issue. They will offer features such as keypads and card readers to allow certain people in. They will also alert you and the police efficiently during a potential break-in or security breach.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.