The Psychology of the Modern Office

The mentality of the modern office has changed a lot over the years, from contemporary design and layout, through to the equipment and systems being used. Along with changes in the physical and electronic space, employee expectations are also changing. The design and features of your office are quickly becoming part of the decision-making process when employees are looking for a new employer. To take advantage of the space at your disposal, consider the new psychology of the modern office.

The little things

Employees are always looking for those little quirks in the office that add to the positive emotions they experience. Arguably one the most important of those emotions is the feeling of energy and nothing provides energy quite like a good cup of coffee. One of the first things employees look for in any office is the coffee machine. As a business owner or someone who set out the features of the office, consider the impact of not having a good machine. A great alternative to purchasing a coffee machine is to look into coffee machine hire. Hiring a coffee machine can include the maintenance and any troubleshooting that may occur, helping to further lower any logistical or other issues. Employees and clients will have access to great coffee, without the burden of big capital expenditure.

Changing spaces

Modern offices these days are less about the ownership of a desk and more about the ability to work in a comfortable space that meets the needs of the staff. Instead of assigning desks, change the spaces available to employees depending on their work needs. Office workflow is a huge movement at the moment because it produces high-performing teams. One of the best ways to achieve these personalised spaces is to think about the differing demands of work. Some people will need to work silently to deliver to tight deadlines, project teams will need collaborative spaces to achieve co-designed solutions. Take the time to design your spaces to suit the needs of your workforce, rather than assigning desks and hoping people get along with their desk mate.

Waste less

In a world constantly reminded of our impact, both as businesses and individuals, it is critical your office space reflects the psychology of the world around it. Designing spaces to actively lower the waste will help create a positive culture both at work and outside of it. Think about the technology you use to help lower printing, make sure there are ample recycling stations around the office as well and follow the best waste management practices for your business. In addition, if you want to drive brand advocacy and an environmentally conscious agenda, offer staff branded keep cups for their morning coffees. Not only will this help improve employee engagement, but it will also help lower the waste associated with non-recyclable coffee cups.

Modern commutes

The way we get to work is evolving every day with new forms of transport such as scooters, bicycles and even Segway’s. The psychology of the modern office is all about making sure your office is equipped for the modern commuter. That means designing spaces to store any equipment that your staff use to commute to work. These spaces will need to be secure and offer tools or equipment to help service, for example, pumps for tyres. In addition, employees may seek the right facilities to shower and prepare for work after their commute.

The modern office is all about helping employees balance the lifestyle between work and home. Employees are actively looking for ways to feel more at home when they are at work. Making the design and facilities of your office match those needs will help ensure employees output and energy is as good as it can possibly be.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.