The Importance of Lead Generation for Start-up Companies: All You Need to Know

Starting a business is no easy task. It’s reported that at least 20% of small businesses close down within their first year of operation. This is why it’s important to employ the necessary strategies that’ll ensure your business remains viable. And incorporating an effective lead generation service is a step in the right direction.

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You need customers to buy your products or engage your services to remain in business. It’s that simple. It would be easy to wait for customers to come to you but sadly that’s not feasible. You need to actively look for clients and grow your clientele. B2B lead generation companies will gladly take up the task—and expertly too.

Such companies have experienced marketers who are trained to generate marketing opportunities for your business.

We list the main reasons why you should consider sales lead generation for your company. But first we outline the main strategies B2B lead generation companies use to obtain new clients.

Common Lead Generation Strategies

Through Registration

New customers are invited to sign up and register on a particular database via mediums such as newsletters.

Application Forms

Information of prospective customers can be obtained when they’re asked to fill out application forms.

Social Media Marketing

You can’t disregard the power of online platforms when it comes to attracting new clients. Lead generation companies use various social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to liaise with potential customers.

And one sure way to attract new clients is to conduct competitions or draws on these platforms that encourage people to participate. By doing so, prospective clients automatically make their personal information available to the company.

Content Marketing

Lead generation companies generate content that appeals to potential customers. Once they get the user hooked, they continuously provide relevant information that’s useful as and when it’s required.

Email Marketing

Sending out newsletters is another way of keeping in regular contact with potential customers. Content in these newsletters could either be informative, educational or advertise the company products or services.

Cold Calling

Lead generation companies can use the cold calling technique to look for potential customers.

Benefits of Lead Generation

Get New Clients

Probably one of the most important benefits of lead generation is it helps you get new clients for your business.

Increase Business Revenue

We speak for every business when we say that their end goal is to make a profit. By incorporating sales generation strategies, they increase sales volume which in turn positively impacts the company’s triple bottom line.

Obtain Client Information

As stated earlier, some of the lead generation strategies include registration and application. Both processes involve users sharing their personal information with the company. Information obtained via these methods could be regarding their gender, age, interests or area of residence.

Companies can use this information to know who exactly their target audiences are. This makes it easier to formulate messages that’ll appeal to them. People tend to be more responsive or forthcoming to marketing messages that resonate with them—be it their beliefs or lifestyles.

Build the Company’s Data Base

By using different lead generation strategies to obtain information from potential clients, companies will be growing their databases in the process. Even if the users don’t become immediate clients, their information is already available. As a result, companies can use it to nurture or convince them to come on board in future.

Increase Brand Loyalty

By formulating messages that appeal to customers through content marketing strategies, companies will be building brand loyalty. Customers will remain loyal to the company if they feel it’s valuable to them.

Encourage Feedback

When companies make use of their social media platforms to interact with potential customers, they encourage feedback. Feedback obtained can be used to improve their marketing campaigns based on user opinions.

Avoid Unnecessary Marketing Costs

Marketing doesn’t come cheap. For businesses to make money they have to spend it first via intensive advertising. The last thing you need—especially if you’re a start-up—is to waste your already limited financial resources.

By employing lead generation strategies, you know who your target audience will be including what appeals to them. This way you know which platforms to use or type of campaigns to launch. Will email or SMS campaigns work best? You don’t want to alienate your prospective customers because you’re communicating in a way your audience doesn’t resonate with.

Final Words

The process of lead generation may seem pretty simple, but it needs to be done right. After all, it’s not about getting just any client in your database, but a quality lead. This is why it’s important to leave the job to the professionals who have experience in lead generation services. Not only do they have the necessary knowhow but the resources too.

Will you be employing this strategy to grow your business? Leave us a comment below about your experience in this regard.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.