The Importance of Good Web Design

Business owners sometimes think of professional web design as an unnecessary expense. They mistakenly believe that having a basic website is enough, even if it doesn’t look very nice. As it turns out, however, having a high-quality, professionally designed website is absolutely essential for online success.

All types of businesses can benefit from professional web design. Putting together a good website takes more than basic technical skills. Instead, it requires a professional approach that not only takes into account the needs of the visitors but also the image that the company is trying to create. Speak to the experts at Perth Web Design for the perfect website. Some of the benefits of good web design for businesses are listed below.

A Beautifully Designed Site Can Result in Higher Conversion Rates

Converting visitors into customers is a lot easier with a professionally designed website. Through good design, sites can help funnel customers exactly where business owners want them to go without allowing them to get distracted along the way. This often results in increased conversion rates.

The Ability to Connect with More Visitors Through Responsive Design

Researchers at the Pew Research Center have identified an increasing trend for people to access the Internet through their mobile devices. That makes it essential for businesses to have a responsive website that not only displays correctly on computers but also on handheld devices.

A Professional Website Is A Powerful Branding Tool

People tend to judge a company based on the look of its website. A low-quality site that looks like it was just thrown together can give customers the wrong impression. On the other hand, a beautifully designed site that is easy to navigate can be a powerful branding tool, helping to boost the image of the company.

The Benefits of Becoming A Professional Web Designer

Every time we go online to read the news, shop for products, or browse websites, we are interacting with the work of professional web designers. People who enter this field help design websites that are both functional and attractive. They handle every part of the process, from coming up with the basic layout and choosing a color palette to implementing the behind-the-scenes coding that helps drive the site.

The fields of web design and web development are quickly growing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the growth rate of this field is 13%, which is much higher than average. Starting a career in a fast-growing field like this is a good option since it usually results in a better job outlook in the future.

Educational Options for Web Design Careers

Although it is possible to master coding languages by yourself without having to take classes, the field of web development involves a lot more than just coding. If you want to set yourself apart, you not only need to be able to code but you also need to be able to perform other important web design tasks. The best way to accomplish that is by pursuing a formal education. Attending school helps ensure that you have a solid foundation for your future career. This not only includes getting educated about web development itself but also helping you build problem-solving, critical thinking, and managerial skills that can benefit you in your career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends that web developers learn basic skills like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Above and beyond that, however, they also need to master the art of design. To become a well-rounded web designer, you need to learn everything from color theory and typography to graphic design. While it is possible to learn all of these skills on your own, most employers prefer to hire people who have college degrees, whether those degrees are in graphic design or web design.

Characteristics that make a good web designer:

  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • A creative mind
  • The ability to work well with customers
  • The ability to adapt to different situations
  • An openness to accepting critiques

In order to get hired, you usually will need to provide proof that you can perform all of the following functions:

Graphic design: Employers like to see creative individuals with strong graphic design skills. These skills can be put to use to help clients come up with effective online marketing materials that get results.

A strong grasp of the underlying technology: If you want to succeed in the field of web design, you need to master basic coding languages and methods including HTML, JavaScript, XHTML, and Flash. It is also essential to be familiar with graphics programs like InDesign and Photoshop. Strong familiarity with .NET, PHP, and other server-side coding is also essential.

The ability to work well with people: An important part of web design is working with clients. Being able to communicate clearly with others is essential, whether you are planning on working for a large design firm or freelancing on your own.

The job of a web designer is to help companies build websites and mobile apps that appeal to their target market. With so much of today’s business conducted online, there has never been a better time to enter the field of web design.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.