The Hidden Secrets On How The Right Remote Sales Person Will Help You Pivot And Scale During Any Economy

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was something that business leaders debated about, with varied perspectives. Some felt that workers could be trusted to be more productive at work, while others believed in the power and flexibility of remote operations. Nevertheless, the lockdown and social distancing measures brought about by the pandemic have proven that remote working is the new reality. Remote working is not only the new normal, but it’s a shift that is shaping the future world of work

Bella Verita is one of the business leaders who has always embraced remote working. She is the owner of Align Sales, one of the first female-led sales agencies. Bella has a passion for helping women make it in the sales niche. As a female entrepreneur, she understands that there are circumstances that keep women from the workforce or prevent them from succeeding at their fullest potential. Through her sales agency, she helps women fulfill their workplace obligations while remaining productive at the same time.

We had a chat with Bella Verita on how having the right remote salesperson will help companies increase their sales during any type of economy, whether emphasizing in-person or remote services. 

The Hidden Secrets of Remote Working 

Enterprises that have embraced remote working understand that this working style leads to a significant reduction in costs. Such companies don’t have to pay for office space or supplies. A study showed that if a firm allowed employees to work from home half the time, they would save on average $11,000 per employee. The employee, on the other hand, would save between $2000 to $7000. This reduction in costs is something that every enterprise needs at this time of economic uncertainty. 

Presently, one of the significant challenges that businesses face is how to gain a competitive edge. Bella notes that some digital marketing techniques have harmed most companies. For instance, Facebook ads are not working as well as they used to. Also, sales funnels are not operating as one would expect. As such, entrepreneurs find themselves grappling with the challenge of finding a way to increase sales. But Bella observes that it is more than that. Today’s businesses have not only the challenge of growing sales but also the issue of customer retention. 

Bella believes that the right type of remote salesperson could help you pivot and scale your business or company, even during these uncertain times. In clarification, Bella provided some key considerations when searching for the “right” salesperson:

a). They are Impact-driven: Their sole focus is not just sales closure but also establishing a connection with customers. 

b). They understand the company’s product in and out: The salesperson is extensively trained to understand the product. They know what value the product brings to the life of the target customer and how it meets the customers’ needs. Align like to say they give you the tools to plant your business in the heart of your salesperson.

c). There are dedicated: This dedication is partly the reason why Bella invests in female sales agents. Bella believes that women are more dedicated than men. In most instances, women have family responsibilities and, as such, are less inclined to change jobs. 

Bringing in the New

A remote salesperson brings new knowledge to the company. They bring a fresh perspective to the business that, in turn, helps the company gain a competitive edge, for instance, they can bring a new approach to sales and product positioning that the business had not considered. Also, they can help the enterprise cut through the noise, meet the concerns of their target audience, and optimize the stages in the buyer’s journey. 

Buyers have more information than ever before. They also have more demands and are hesitant to trust brands. As enterprises struggle with issues such as shrinking protracted sales cycles, generating qualified leads, and increasing lead generation, they need a knowledgeable salesperson who can help them overcome these challenges and get positive results. 

Bella’s Align Sales 

Bella’s organization understands that today’s complex market requires a knowledgeable team of sales professionals. She also understands that developing such a group will take more than a month of coaching. As such, her agency has an extensive program that trains women on the changes in sales. Bella believes that women are powerful in the sales niche. The feminine essence, being able to deeply connect with clients, as well as possessing strong persuasive abilities makes women effective as sales agents. Bella has disrupted the sales industry by investing in people. She has built a team of experts with the capacity to work remotely. Recently, one of her sales agents closed $125k in their first week in sales. 

Align Sales continues to work even at this time of the pandemic. This demonstrates their ability to adapt and flow with the changing tides of the business industry, while ensuring commitment to their mission. Therefore, if you need an agent who will help you pivot and scale your business during these uncertain times, kindly reach out to Align Sales


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.