The Global Surfboard Market Is On The Rise, Here’s Why

Sports are all about the high they give their players, which makes surfing one of the most exhilarating sports of all time. Not only has it always been a cool sport for coastal regions, which made it the sport of choice for most inhabitants, but it’s also one of the main tourist attractions where amateurs and professionals target the ever-lively coasts. What’s even better, is that the market has been witnessing multiple changes in recent years, so we can expect the industry to expand even more. According to the latest market forecasts, the surfing industry has been expected to grow by USD 2.74 billion during 2020 – 2024, and that’s saying a lot. It’s only natural to be curious about the root of these changes, so what gives? 

Here are the main reasons behind this global rise.


While it’s true that, for most people, going surfing isn’t as easy as playing, say, football, lately, surfing has become much more accessible across the globe. However, that was never the case for coastal cities, where surfing remains the most popular activity. With citizens and tourists alike across east and west going for the sport, the surfboard market has had plenty of room for expansion. The surfboard market might be in the highest demand in South America, but it’s followed closely by North America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia. 

However, what brings about the recent surge in the global surfboard market is that it has become much more accessible across the globe. There are two main reasons behind this surge: the expansion of distribution channels and the introduction of surfing lake technology.

Distribution Channels

It’s not surprising to witness how the internet has made its way into the surfboard market. Where there was once only mortar and brick stores or local beach outlets, nowadays, anyone can buy their favorite surfboard through online stores. This has improved the user experience greatly; imagine if you were living in Australia, for instance, and able to get your choice of surfboard regardless of your area without being told it’s out-of-stock or unavailable. The Southern Man Surf shares their experience with launching their e-commerce store on, which has been the result of expanding their once small local store to an outlet of more than 5,000 products and 100 brands. As expected, the online store satisfies the needs of all customers, while creating an opportunity to expand the business beyond physical limitations. 

Surfing Lake Technology

Perhaps the greatest catalyst for the surge in surfing is the result of integrating technology into the scene. With the introduction of the new surfing lake technology, surfing is no longer limited to certain geographic locations. On the contrary, artificial waves have made it possible to get the authentic surfing experience from the nearest lake, which expands the scope of this sport beyond what was once only impossible. 

Surfboard Innovation

Not long ago, the surfboard market was dominated by a few brands, but that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, not only has there been a huge rise in the number of brands, but in the design, technology, purpose, and production have greatly evolved as well. It’s not uncommon to find surfboards that are customized to provide an advanced experience anymore; in fact, it’s becoming a trend. Electronic components, batteries, enhanced maneuverability, smart speedometers; all of these advanced features are becoming quite popular in surfboards. 

As such, surfing schools, academies, and institutes have also had their share of evolving. Learning to surf on its own requires schooling for most people, but taking care of advanced surfboards makes tutoring all the more needed. However, that’s not to say that these academies are the only way to go, or that the surfboard brands are monopolizing the market. The recent years have also witnessed the great passion of savvy surfers creating their surfboards and altering their equipment to suit their needs. 

End Users 

Being the daring sport that it is, men have been dominating the majority of the surfing population. That’s another thing that has changed gradually over recent years, as more and more women have been finding their ways across the waves as well. With the increased popularity of the sport across different genders, as well as age groups, the surfboard market is only expected to keep expanding. 

However, gender and age aren’t the only demographics experiencing a positive impact. Adaptive surfing, or kitesurfing, has been on the rise in recent years and it’s proven to be a great rehabilitation activity for those struggling with physical disabilities. The annual World Adaptive Surfing Championship just goes to show how it’s growing.

Surfing has always been appealing and breathtaking on its own, but the recent changes in the market make it even more promising. Whether it’s the accessibility, technological advancement, surfboard innovation, or increased users, the global surfboard market is surely on the rise. One can only wonder how much more can this market evolve, but it’s certainly worth looking forward to. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.