Small Online Businesses You Should Try While On Quarantine

Many of us have spent too many hours thinking of what to do while on quarantine. The global pandemic due to the recent coronavirus outbreak has caused changes in how we do things. While it may be easy to dwell on the negativity going on around us, it is better to focus on self-improvement and using the long hours to become productive.

Take, for instance, the small business that you were planning to start all along. Could this be a suitable time to start that venture? You may wonder if the quarantine period is the best time to start a business; after all, companies are experiencing little traffic, some are even closed down.

There are advantages, however, to starting a small online business while on quarantine. First, you can start slowly and increase your production as the situation becomes better. Second, it allows you to discover your real interests or reignite your passions. Third, it  enables you to augment your income in this time of crisis.

While you may be tempted to start just any online business that comes to mind, remember that it is not a good idea to begin anything without careful planning. Here are several things that you should consider before starting a small business online:

  • What kind of business should you start online?

Deciding on what kind of business to start involves deciding on what product or service you want to offer to your target market. Also consider whether you will begin the venture on your own, or work with other people from the get-go. 

Discovering the niche of your small online business depends on your interests and expertise. It is challenging to build a business if you have no or very little interest in it. It is also difficult to continue doing something if you (or any of your team members) do not possess the expertise or skills to sustain it.

You also have to consider the capital for your business. Almost all companies, no matter how small, require some sort of funding. Avoid using up all your savings to fund an online business because it is best to have an emergency fund, especially during these uncertain times.

  • Where are you going to sell your services or products?

There are plenty of online platforms to choose from, but you must select one that is suitable for your niche. For example, Facebook Marketplace is a great platform to sell your items for free. You can also list professional services on Craigslist, but always check the fees that you have to pay before setting up a shop on any online marketplace.

  • How will you promote your small online business?

Since the main venue for your small business is online, you should start thinking of ways to market it. Here are simple but effective ways to promote a small business online with very little or even no cost:

  1. Social media: Post your products and services online. Ask people from your network to share with their social media connections.
  1. Utilize your blog: If you already have a blog, create relevant content to help promote your business. Remember to optimize your content for SEO.
  1. Create a Google My Business Profile: Setting up a GMB profile is essential in creating an online presence for your business. Ensure that your profile is accurate and regularly updated.
  • How will customers pay for your products or services?

You believe you can deliver the service or produce the items, but how will customers remit their payment during the pandemic. The more virtual payment options that you can offer to your clients, the better. Some of the payment gateways that you can take advantage of during quarantine are bank to bank transfers and e-wallet money transfers via mobile or Web.

  • What can you do to ensure the satisfaction and safety of your customers during the pandemic?

No matter what kind of product you decide to sell or service you plan to offer to customers, you should think of ways to ensure their safety and satisfaction. For example, if you are planning on offering bookkeeping services, let your clients know what they can expect from you. Inform them of turnaround times for the work commissioned from you. Go the extra mile by giving free expert advice to your clients.

For small online businesses that create products for their customers, the timely delivery of the physical items are crucial. If you are selling baked goods, for example, customers must receive the products as fresh as possible. You can deliver the products yourself if you have a vehicle (and you are allowed to go out). Otherwise, reach out to a reliable delivery service to make sure your customers’ orders always get to them on schedule.

A small online business may be the jumpstart that you need to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Remember that no matter how small your online business is, striving for excellence from start to finish will set you apart from other small businesses.

Small Online Businesses To Try During Quarantine

There are possibly hundreds of small online business ideas that you should try while on quarantine. Here are some examples:

  • Food Business

Let’s start with the essential commodities: food. Everyone needs food, and quite frankly, it’s quite hard to stop thinking about eating when cooped inside the home. Ready-to-eat food delivered right at the doorstep is so popular nowadays since people cannot get out of their homes. You can simply post your food products online along with some how-to-order information. If you are a whiz in the kitchen, it may be time to show off your skills – and get some extra cash.

Starting a food business during a pandemic can raise serious concerns about sanitation or hygiene. It is a must, therefore, to ensure that the entire cooking process is handled with the utmost care. Before sending off the products for delivery, make sure they are properly wrapped to avoid contamination.

  • Fitness Trainer / Diet Consultant

Many people under quarantine will have a common complaint: too much staying indoors is making them unfit. If your expertise is leaning towards health and fitness, why not start a business to help people shed the extra pounds and motivate them to stay fit? With the help of video conferencing apps, you can start an exercise class for groups. Do you have the right credentials to be a diet consultant? You can help others stay fit by creating customized diet plans for them.

A small health and fitness-related online business gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment because you are helping others be their best selves even during the quarantine. This kind of business, however, requires the proper credentials and training to ensure the safety of customers.

  • Events Management

It is not impossible to start a small online events management business even with a global outbreak going on. The pandemic has significantly impacted the events industry, but it does not mean people are not going to get-together after everything settles down. In case small gatherings must be held after the coronavirus dies down, proper physical distancing must still be observed.

Remote-friendly celebrations and gatherings are entirely possible during the quarantine. To remind attendees about the special virtual event, you can help your clients in creating the perfect electronic invitation through Greenvelope.

  • Online Tutoring

Use your expertise on different subject matters to start an online tutoring business. All you need is an app for online communication for one-on-one or group tutorials. With schools and learning institutions shut down until further notice, an online tutoring service can be considered an essential service. 

Online learning may become a part of the “new normal” that is bound to take place in the next several months or years. Starting a small business providing online learning lessons at this time will likely flourish even after the pandemic ends.

  • Remote Technical Support

As everyone is advised to stay home, a computer or gadget breaking down can become a big problem since no one will be allowed or willing to provide physical troubleshooting. A remote technical support venture can provide a variety of services during quarantine for both home and business customers.

Your ability to address technical issues on remote is critical during times of crisis. Depending on your skills and expertise, you can offer remote software installation, troubleshooting technical issues, helpdesk support, and other managed IT services.

  • Virtual Assistance

Setting up a virtual assistance agency is another lucrative business venture that you can start while on quarantine. Starting a VA company offers numerous opportunities once you find the right clients. Although you can set up a virtual assistant business with only yourself as the service provider and owner, you can eventually hire other people to be part of your team.

The pandemic may have wreaked havoc on almost all industries and markets, but it does not mean to say that all businesses ceased to operate. You can market your VA business to local and global firms that may need help with the following areas:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Content writing and management
  • Customer relationship management (chat, email, or voice)
  • Data analytics
  • General administrative tasks such as email and schedule management
  • Lead generation
  • Project management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Web design and development

These are just some of the responsibilities or tasks that a virtual assistant can do. A VA business is something that you can continue to grow even after the quarantine has been lifted. Focus on providing quality service to clients, and your small business will scale in no time.

  • Business Consultancy 

Put your business expertise to good use by offering valuable advice to your customers. If you have what it takes to provide sound business and management advice, then you should start monetizing it while on quarantine. Business consultants help small companies improve their operations by analyzing the different areas of the organization. You can provide consultancy services on workplace stress management, leadership development, streamlining business processes, and more.

  • Financial Services

Another profitable small business that you can start online is financial services such as bookkeeping, accounting services, and tax preparation. These services are popular because many people hate numbers and handling financial-related paperwork. One of the best ways to establish a reputable financial service online business is by being honest and trustworthy. You must also be able to prepare your clients’ documents on time.

  • Vlogger

While vlogging (video blogging) may not necessarily be considered a small online business, you can do it as a money-making side hustle. If you are active on social media, have a good number of followers, and reliable video-making equipment, why not start creating video blogs and post them on your channel.

The great thing about video blogging is that you can create and share what you care about while earning money. One of the highest-paid vloggers has not even reached his teen years. The key to gaining success as a vlogger is patience and passion for creating exciting and relevant content.

  • Delivery Service

A delivery service business may not be performed online, but you can take requests for delivery by promoting such service on your social media network. The demand for delivery services will continue to increase while most people are on quarantine, so why not take advantage of the situation? 

Your delivery service business should focus on servicing your local community during the quarantine. You can also build a network of delivery riders and manage the bookings in the comforts of your home.


Starting an online business is an enjoyable and efficient way to spend time during the quarantine. However, do remember that any kind of business, whether online or offline, has risks. The purpose of starting a small business during quarantine is to augment your finances, hone your skills, and use your time productively. While starting a small online business can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, be wise in spending your money. Unless you have a continuous source of funding, it is best to use only a portion of your savings to invest in your small online business. 

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