The Best Places For Team Building In Adelaide

Adelaide is the ideal destination for conferences. It has a wide variety of venues to suit every need. From restaurants, pubs, conference rooms, karaoke bars, bowling alleys, wineries, breweries, and the best foodie locations, Adelaide has it all! Choose a CBD location, and you will be within walking distance of beautiful churches, cafés, and large venues, as well as the famous Adelaide Central Markets. The CBD provides an easy-to-use hop-on, hop-off tram that can get you and your team anywhere you need to be! You can head down to Glenelg for the day or base your entire conference out of the Adelaide coast. Glenelg has beautiful beaches ideal for team-building activities, and with your conference being held right on the water, you won’t have to organize your crew, or pack them into buses or trams to head down to the waterfront. Lastly, Adelaide is the heart of fantastic wines. With the Adelaide Hills only a 40-minute drive and the Barossa Valley 50 minutes away you have your pick of wineries with gorgeous scenery and intuitive food. If you’re after team building activities in Adelaide, read below!

Best Team Building Activities in Adelaide

Mini Beach Olympics

Just think, it is a nice sunny day. So warm that you may have broken a sweat, if not for the crisp salty breeze. Your team has been inside learning the theory behind a corporate culture or developing their professional work styles. No one has seen the sun in over 6 hours. They are in desperate need of some rays. Luckily, you had the inspired idea to reward your team with a fun team challenge right on Henley Beach in Adelaide! The Mini Beach Olympics won’t have your team playing in Olympic sports or tossing javelins, running 100-metre sprints or anything too strenuous! They will however be participating in team challenges that are designed to get them thinking outside the box and use theory applied in the indoor sessions, to practise. Some example challenges are catapults where three members of the team will help to aim and fire a tennis ball using the catapult while the others in the team aim to catch it on the other side. If that sounds too physical for your team, then make sure you let your provider know so they can adapt each challenge to suit the physical needs of your team. Mini Beach Olympics is the best way to experience Glenelg, Henley Beach, or any sandy location near Adelaide!

Night at the Races

With Melbourne only a few hours’ drive away, why not channel the energy of the Melbourne Cup with a Night at the Races event? The Melbourne Cup is such an experience that the state of Victoria even made its own public holiday for it. Nothing beats the feeling of winning at the races. Whether you are a punting enthusiast or have no idea what you’re doing, the Night at the Races event is perfect for any corporate team. First each team will be given a form guide that they judge and base their bets off according to their own risk preferences. Risk it all and win the most amount of money for your team or lose it all and lose the game. The team with the most amount of money at the end of the Night at the Races event wins! And don’t worry they won’t be betting company money or their own money, they will be given cash like ‘monopoly money’ depending on your provider. This event is perfect for those teams who love to gather and maybe drink a little too much at the pub during the Melbourne Cup every year. Adelaide is full of fantastic restaurants, breweries, and wineries where you can host this event. Either in the surrounds such as the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Glenelg, or the CBD.


Most teams hope to have 3-4 hours available for a team-building activity. However, this is not always the case. Some conferences are important and require hours of valuable indoor time. This leaves you with less time available for your fun outdoor team-building challenge. Instead of booking something short you disappoint your team and tell them that there will be no chance to get to know & blow off steam with their team this year. That is where the Scramble is at its best! If you only have anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, then that is fine with the Scramble! The Scramble is similar to the team-building classic, the Amazing Race. However, the way it works is that the checkpoint location sites are closer together and there are more activities to do along the way instead of long checkpoint sites. The scramble can be held anywhere throughout Adelaide CBD, the coast, or in the Hills. You can choose your start and finish locations. Start at your conference location and finish at your favorite venue for drinks and nibbles with your colleagues.

Wine Events

When you think of the Adelaide Hills or the Barossa Valley, most people immediately associate them with good wine. A Barossa Valley shiraz or an Adelaide Hills pinot noir would be a great pairing to any team-building event. There are a range of directly related wine events where you may consume wine, such as a wine tasting. There are a variety of venues outside Adelaide CBD that specialize in wine tasting for corporate groups. There are also wine-themed events where you don’t consume wine. The goal of these events is to connect those participating to the location and theme. So, if you were in the Adelaide Hills you might decide to host a Wine Olympics for your team. This event contains fun challenges like cork tossing, grape stomping and champagne tray carrying (don’t worry it’s not real champagne). This all helps to tie in why you chose that conference location. The team with the greatest number of points at the end of all wine-themed challenges wins!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.