Top Virtual Recruiting Process & Strategy For Recruiters

We are living in the era of cutting-edge technology top virtual recruiting strategies for recruiters, where every single day, new technology is introduced to the world, changing the way we live and do things. After the adverse effect Covid-19 pandemic, many things changed in the world we live in. For example, employees prefer the remote working mode, many new startups have opened, and the medical industry changed as it has never before. 

People have inclined more towards using tech to find modern problems we are facing. For instance, during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies adapted to remote working mode. HR teams started to focus more on developing tools that help them to do efficient workforce management. They started using online tools such as employee attendance and productivity tracking and product and task management software. 

On the other hand, recruiters and staffing agencies began to use recruiting CRM software such as Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management software to virtually hire quality candidates and enhance the positive candidate experience during this online hiring process. But wait, what is virtual recruiting? Let’s now understand that first. 

What is Virtual Recruiting? 

Virtual recruiting, also known as digital or online hiring, is conducting all the recruitment tasks (discover, attract, engage, hire, and retain) in a virtual mode. This kind of recruitment doesn’t need in-person interaction between the recruiters and applicants. In such online recruitment, recruiters or HR teams use recruiting CRM software to make hiring more effective and leverage the maximum benefits of the hiring process

Now the question pop-up in your mind, how can recruiters do virtual hiring efficiently and effectively? Which are the online tools available in the market currently to improve virtual hiring more? Let’s look at the solution-based full, proof strategies to implement for 2023. 

Top Virtual Recruiting Strategies for Recruiters for 2023

Virtual job fairs/events 

Recruiters or HRs can conduct virtual career events to attract active job seekers looking for work opportunities. This virtual event can be informative in nature and serve information on how to prepare for a job interview, or it can be just about the insights of the company that is currently hiring. 

HR can talk about company culture, values, and products and what will day-to-day responsibilities of the various open roles. At last, they need to illustrate the hiring procedure for the smooth experience of the interested candidate. HR and recruiters can use tools such as vFAIRS that help launch a vaster net with online events and hybrid and virtual career fairs.

Clear Job Description

Writing a clear job description is vital. Hence, recruiters must mention every key point required for the open position, such as qualification, key responsibility, and 3 must-have skills and well organized portfolio

Once it is written the HR team must proofread it to not miss out on anything. Also, try to mention the benefits and perks to attract a wider range of candidates. Top virtual recruiting strategies for recruiters In this stage, the hiring team can utilize tools like Skillet to write an accurate job description for open positions. 

Polishing Career site and social media pages

Once HR has written the perfect job description to post, it’s time to polish the career site and social media platform to attract more candidates to the recruitment funnel.

Posting videos of your current employees talking about the positive work culture of the organization can increase the chances to attract more diverse talent. 

Also, they can post photos of the outing or festive events the company has organized. 

Online job advertising 

Nowadays, Top virtual recruiting strategies for recruiters for the recruitment software such as Applicant Tracking System has a saas website template integration feature in which recruiters or HRs can post job advertisements with just a single click. Also, they can post this advertisement on various social media channels and job board platforms which are integrated with a particular ATS. 

This feature eliminates the task of manually posting the job Ad in various advertising channels and saves the valuable time of the hiring teams. 

Pre Screening the candidates 

Isn’t it a great era we are living in? We have plenty of quality options for almost everything. Such options are also available in the assessment round for the recruiters to assess the applicants. 

Recruiters can use the ATS assessment features to check the relevant knowledge and skills of the candidates, and also they can use online tools specially designed to assess the candidates. For example, HIGHMATCH assesses the candidate’s cognitive capabilities, situational judgment, sales skills, and personality. Whereas tools like Codility assess candidates’ coding ability. 

Moreover, a recruitment Chatbot could be a great help in candidate assessment as it not only provides the answers to the standard questions but also asks candidate screening questions such as notice period, intent to relocate, previous salary and salary expectations, key skills and qualifications etc. A survey by SHRM found that  More than 40% of U.S. employers currently use live chat to engage with candidates during the recruitment process. 

Resume screening & Interview Scheduling

The resume parser’s fruitful characteristics have been an immense help for mass recruiters to screen thousands of resumes and find out the most suitable candidates. It imports and scans resumes from various communication and social media channels. The AI-based powerful search options scan the keywords relevant to the open position. 

On the other hand, the Interview scheduling and management feature schedules an interview for the candidates who qualified for the resume screening and also sends a video interview link automatically to all the candidates.  

The bonus advantage this wonderful feature provides to recruiters is that it also gives the recruiter’s feedback on the interview round to the candidates and eliminates candidate ghosting. Also, this way, it increases and improves candidate engagement which eventually ensures a positive candidate experience and employer branding image. 

Offer letter workflow

This AI-powered feature of ATS automates the offer letter workflow for recruiters, corporate HRs and staffing agencies. The feature offers plenty of offer letter templates which are customisable per the requirements. Also, the E-signature workflow and tracking of the workflow status are immensely helpful to the recruiters in managing the workflow efficiently and effectively.  

Onboarding and training

Onboarding is an essential task of the recruitment workflow as it helps to retain talent for a longer span. According to the Wynhurst Group, when employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years.

In this vital task, ATS can be a lifesaver for recruiters. The feature helps recruiters in completing all the necessary documentation and steps involved in preparing the employee for the work and key responsibility, as well as ensuring that they had a positive experience in the company on the first day and beyond. 

It automatically sends the status change and keeps them engaged. Also, the automated email feature provides all the onboarding information to the candidates and also conveys the company culture. 

Final Thought on Virtual Recruiting Strategies

Virtual recruiting strategies make the hiring process more efficient and effective by providing automation in the process. It helps recruiters to reduce the most important factors such as time-to-hire and cost-of-hiring. In addition, it allows recruiters and HR teams to focus more on the tasks which require critical thinking and a human approach by automating all the manual and repetitive tasks. 

Remote hiring provides the maximum benefits to organizations. Hence, companies started to adopt it after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many online tools are available in the market that eases the tasks of the hiring process. It enables the hiring of people to focus on more important tasks. 

Hence, it is that digital hiring and remote working are here to stay. In this article, we have covered the essential strategies to hire quality candidates via remote hiring. Also, the combination of online tech and tools can be a cherry on the cake as they ease the recruitment process by providing valuable data. Therefore, the recruiter and HR must implement the essential strategies to leverage the fruitful benefits it has to offer.  

Edward Nick

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