The 6 Best Free Places to Promote Your Business

Every business owner desires to expose their products or services to prospective clients.

However, the majority of the old methods are costly, and not everyone can afford television advertisements when they are just starting out. Do not despair; it is still feasible to advertise your business successfully without spending a fortune.

To demonstrate my argument, I’m compiling a list of eight completely free ways to market your business. These marketing strategies are free but will need a one-time investment of your time.

SEO-Optimize Your Website

What is the first thing individuals do when they are considering making a purchase? To begin, they conduct a Google search for the product or service in question.

They begin by gathering as much information as possible on the product and then look for suppliers that offer it.

Thus, if your website does not display in Google search, it is as if you do not exist.

How can this be rectified?

The simple solution is to pay someone to optimize your website for search engines, but even then, you must understand the process; otherwise, you risk being penalized by Google. For instance, several broken links on your website might lower your Google ranking.

Include Your Products In Business Directory Listings

Buyers do vendor searches in the best US business directories. There are a number of business directories functional in the USA such as Highfive listings that can serve you with the utmost need of having great customer retention. So, list your business for free and increase the chance of being noticed.

Add Your Business to Google My Business

Google is personalizing search by displaying results that are suited to your location. For instance, if you search for a McDonald’s, it will provide the closest location in your city along with a map. As a result, it has practically become a must for businesses to be featured on Google Local.

Google has simplified the process of adding and managing your location on a map. Additionally, you may manage your Google Plus profile from the same location. Simply navigate to Google My Business and verify your listing. If you do not have a physical site, you may also provide your office address and information about your firm.

Respond to Inquiries

When people are stuck and in need of assistance, they resort to certain Internet communities. Popular QnA sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers are great venues to attract new consumers. Additionally, individuals publish their inquiries on Linkedin Groups.

So how can you make use of it? Create accounts on these sites and begin looking for potential customers for your product or service. For instance, I’ll search for ‘Accounting Software’ in order to generate interest in Profit Books. You will receive several inquiries on your goods. Individuals may inquire about the top firms that sell this product or make comparisons between other items, and so on

Begin with the simple questions and work your way up to the more challenging ones. Again, using Profit Books as an example, I searched on Quora for ‘Best Accounting Software’ and received hundreds of questions. Then I just began responding to consumers’ questions and promoting Profit Books. Each month, we receive a significant quantity of traffic from Quora.

On Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Groups, you may do the same thing. All three of these networks are quite influential. The best aspect is that Google indexes these pages. As a result, your responses will display in Google search anytime someone conducts a search for them. Isn’t that wonderful?

Participate in Networking Events/Meetings

Events/Expositions/Meetups are excellent venues for growing your network and acquiring new consumers. Simply type “business events in (your city)” into Google and a list of future events will appear. Visit to find events in a variety of categories. The majority of these events are free and are attended by both customers and distributors/resellers/consultants.

You’ll gradually understand that people attend these gatherings only to meet other people and that the individuals you meet there may become your customers. I met one individual at one of these gatherings, and that gentleman is now our distributor.

Another site that I adore is In my city of Pune, this site is regularly used by entrepreneurs and start-up owners. On weekends, I make it a point to attend as many gatherings as possible. Individuals who attend these events are receptive to fresh ideas and collaborations.

You will be astonished at the value you may derive from these events, so make it a point to go on a regular basis.

YouTube Is a Great Place to Promote Your Product

Did you realise that YouTube has over 4 billion videos viewed daily? This number is increasing daily. Thus, it makes perfect sense to immediately publish a movie promoting your product or service! The best thing is that this video will also display in search results, increasing the visibility of your goods.

How do I begin? Decide first what you’re going to make. For items, a brief two-minute demo will do, while for services, you can film and post a client testimonial. YouTube provides several useful tools for editing uploaded videos. You may, for example, add narration or music, cut the video, and much more.

Remember to include the product’s name or related keywords in the video’s title and description. After uploading several videos, you may build a channel similar to the one we made for showing product instructions. If you create fascinating content that has the potential to become viral, you will hit the jackpot and your email will be flooded with leads.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.