Is Your Ecommerce Store Reporting a Huge Number of Abandoned Carts?

Companies spend billions of dollars to attract customers to their sites. While it appears to be paying off, consumers visit the site and convert, this is still a very low conversion rate. This is due to abandoned shopping carts. We will now look into some of the most common reasons that people abandon shopping carts. email marketing firm.

These are the reasons why shoppers abandon shopping carts:

  • The checkout process can be frustrating 

Most customers don’t like to spend more than five minutes browsing an eCommerce website, particularly when they have to pay and complete the purchase process. The majority of abandoned shopping carts are caused by eCommerce websites that make the process too complicated. Additionally, customers may be able to find the exact product in another place where the checkout process does not seem so complex.

  • Extra hidden costs

Hidden fees are usually hidden right before the customer pays, such as extra taxes or shipping costs.

Companies must inform customers about their prices before they allow them to purchase a product.

  • You are forced to set up an account

It is a non-required step that slows down the checkout process. Unfortunately this is true especially for new customers.

eCommerce shops should instead allow guests to checkout. This simplifies the checkout process and allows the customer to return.

  • Absence of preferred gateways

Ecommerce sites tend to only use the most widely used gateways. These payment gateways may not be available to everyone. This means that even though the customer might be interested in buying a product, or a service they cannot access these payment gateways.

Consider instead setting up flexible payment options, such as instant payment apps or cash on delivery (COD). This will significantly improve the conversion rate for your retail website.

  • Payment security concerns

Sites that have a confusing UI or if the browser is not encrypted can appear suspicious. Cyber-phishing attacks and malware are very common on the internet. Online users are careful about what sensitive data they reveal. Therefore, no one would want to purchase anything on a site that could expose their banking details.

  • There are restrictions on what one can buy

Limiting how many products customers can purchase online is one of the greatest restrictions. It is even worse to inform them of the restrictions while they’re about to check out.

Instead, companies should inform customers about their maximum order quantity when browsing products.

  • Comparing products

The eCommerce boom has meant that customers no longer have to limit their choices to buying only from one supplier. Customers can search for a product or service from other sites. Customers may be attracted to competitors by the offer of the exact same product for a lower price. 

What’s more, if the service they offer is much better, it will reflect in the reviews, and that can cause customers to abandon the shopping cart and switch to a different provider.

  • Longer delivery times

Customers don’t want to wait long for their items after purchasing. Websites lose their value, even before they are purchased. The customer may look for the same product on a competitor’s website if they need it quicker. Longer shipping times usually indicate a logistic problem. This can be fixed by the eCommerce shop to improve delivery times.

  • Issues with websites

If your website is not reliable or stable, customers may be less trustful and may leave. Shoppers are more likely to abandon their checkouts if there is an unplanned crash, slow page loading time or an unexpected error. If you want to avoid problems with UI/UX, then it’s important to fix them as soon as possible. improve your conversion rate.

  • There are no discounts or offers

Many online retailers offer discounts for new and existing customers to help them attract more. Your customers might be referred to competitors if you do not have any discounts or special offers on your website.

  • Unfavorable return policies

For every product that consumers buy, businesses have different return policies. Consumers might choose to shop with a different company if the return policy seems too ridiculous.


These are the most common reasons customers leave their shopping carts empty-handed and don’t make any purchases. There are many other reasons that customers might shop elsewhere. A reputable email marketing agency will quickly resolve these problems and help you grow your business.

Heron Nelson

Heron is a business blogger with a focus on personal finance and wealth management. With over 7 years of experience writing about financial topics, Heron has established herself as a trusted voice in the personal finance space. She has a deep understanding of financial concepts and strategies, and is able to explain them in a relatable and actionable way for her readers.