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2021 State of Industry Report: Hospitality Trends & More

We surveyed over 2,000 global restaurant owners, operators, managers and guests to see how the past year has changed their views on the industry, for better or worse, and how they plan to adjust and adapt. Read on to learn: Read the full report Over 2,000 restaurant operators and guests share their views on restaurant […]

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Material Price Increase, Labor Shortages, and Construction Industry Trends with Insights from Stronghold Engineering Inc.

As the global economy slowly recovers from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, industries far and wide – including construction – are facing a slew of problems, particularly with labor and material shortages and higher prices. Stronghold Engineering, Inc. explores these trends in depth and provides a blueprint for overcoming pandemic-driven fluctuations that could potentially […]

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How The Self-Storage Industry Is Coping With COVID-19

The continued spread of the coronavirus is unlikely to abate anytime soon, forcing entrepreneurs and innovators in a wide array of industries to reshape how they go about earning a profit for themselves. The self-storage industry, for instance, has been hit in similar ways to the real estate industry that it’s often associated with. Self-storage […]

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