Synchronize All Your Data Under One Roof With EssentialPIM

Whether you are an Android, iOS or Windows user, the electronic task manager of EssentialPIM can serve as your perfect ally in a variety of synchronization activities be it between services or devices. Users can even back up, export and protect all the stored data through AES data encryption. The Pro version of EssentialPIM also supports data sharing which adds to the productivity of business process management. 

The first thing that is bound to greet you on launching EssentialPIM is it’s easy to use and concise interface. Users can avail the menu in 33 different languages including Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Swedish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Russian etc. The toolbar can also be broadly sub-divided into 3 divisions, namely menu, sections and a working area. Section panel located at the left portion of the screen is the most commonly used panel which helps users in navigating between a variety of data stored in the program such as calendar, mail, tasks, contacts, passwords, notes and trash. 

You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of all your events scheduled for the current month from the mini-calendar positioned at the bottom left corner of the interface. Workspace comprises a lion’s share of the frame. In the default state, this dynamic window displays the ‘Today’ section from where you can get to know about all the upcoming tasks and meetings in a clear manner. You can even add or edit new ones by going to the appropriate subcategory. EssentialPIM comes in a dark and light theme which can be activated easily by launching the Settings for the first time. 

Main Modules of EssentialPIM

  • Calendar 

The calendar can be displayed under 4 different modes on the basis of day, week, month and year. All the events scheduled under this period can be displayed according to the selected mode. Events belonging to a particular day are displayed in 30-minute increments on an hour scale. The job labels are resized dynamically for fitting the duration. Users can thus reschedule multiple events for the same time with some starting before the main one. There are two additional display modes in the Calendar, namely Week Agenda and table. Under the Table mode, a list of scheduled tasks is revealed along with fields like start and end time, duration and part description. The Week Agenda divides the entire week into a grid of days with tasks scheduled for each day. The hour scale is not displayed here like the usual week but it carries more information pertaining to each task in a compact manner. As a feature, Calendar comes closely integrated with Notes and Tasks which allows usage of the same in making both personal and professional plans. This unique symbiosis helps with quick time management by accounting for the description of both current and future tasks. 

  • Task Management

You can opt for the Tasks module to schedule appointments, create tasks and even initialize regular to-do lists. It also becomes possible to schedule their execution on the basis of priority. A special editor helps with the creation and editing of tasks. Users can even proceed with custom text description in the form of both colour and underline highlights, bullet list, numbered lists and hyperlink. The Task module can be viewed as a Tree, Plain and Consolidated list but all of them differ in terms of display of descriptions and principles of record grouping. On creation of any task, the same can be associated with a date, file attachment, password and email. 

  • Notes

Third in our list comes Notes which is equipped with a fully functional text editor helping in personal notes management. The editor comprises the main part of the work area and a list of already created notes are displayed in a hierarchical tree-like structure at the left side of the window. Users can both create and edit notes by taking their pick amongst the 150+ different fonts in the text editor. 

  • Contacts 

Contacts allows structuring of data as per user preference just like the other modules. You can divide contacts into groups and even multi-level the same. Contacts can be navigated either by data table or group list. Users need to create a business card by filling in information like first and last name, number, photo, email, address etc. 

  • Mail

EssentialPIM can sync your mail with that of popular email providers once you log into them and render access for content reading. The mails will thus become a part of the file system of EssentialPIM and can be edited, searched and linked with other data. 

  • Password

The USP of EssentialPIM lies in its password generator which can create up to 200 characters long random passwords with numbers, symbols and both upper- and lower-case letters. 


The free version of EssentialPIM is fully-functional over Windows, Android and iOS platforms. An EssentialPIM Pro license can be availed by shelling out $39.95 and offers access to all new updates for a year whereas the lifetime license for $79.95 can keep your back with lifetime updates for two devices. The Business variant comes for $59.95 per device and is equipped with professional level tools designed especially for teamwork. 

Final Words

The fast and scalable database of EssentialPIM helps with cross-linking data to deliver easy search results. Users can synchronize data with popular cloud solutions such as Google Drive, iCloud, etc. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.