Legitimate Ways to Find Fairly Quick Cash in Vegas

Finding yourself short of money in Las Vegas is understandable. With casinos and other distractions vying for your funds, it’s easy to become strapped for cash without even realizing it. 

Whatever the circumstances, if you’re short of funds, then you may need to find a way to recoup your losses quickly. 

There are many options to make money in Vegas and replenish your bank balance both quickly and relatively painlessly. 

Get a Loan

Payday loans are an option to tide you over if you get yourself into a monetary bind. They are short-term cash loans intended for small amounts and short repayment lengths. Applications are generally quick and easy and usually completed online with the amount borrowed dictated by your credit score. The drawback to payday loans is that interest rates are generally very high and if the loan is not repaid within the predetermined time scale, then the cost of the loan can be far higher than the amount loaned.

Another loan option would be to get a car title loan. Car title loans are a fast way to get cash instantly by using your car as collateral for the loan. The application process is incredibly easy and can generally be done online. Just like a payday loan, car title loans are geared towards short term borrowing for small amounts. 

To apply for a car title loan in Las Vegas, you’ll need to have a clean car title in your name, an up to date registration document, your driver’s license, along with proof of insurance, income, and residency. This seems like a long list of items, but all of them should be things that are easily available to most.

The amount you can receive is based on the value of the car. Like payday loans, car title loans can have very high-interest rates, so be sure to pay off the loan by the agreed time, or you may end up paying far more than the original loan value.

Sell Your Clothes (Or Other Items)

Do you have anything of value? Are you wearing expensive clothes? Are your fingers adorned with rings? Do you have an expensive watch on your wrist? If so, then you may be able to use these items to get a small amount of cash.  

Las Vegas has a plethora of pawnshops and other specialists who’ll buy any item of value for a small amount of cash. It may not be a lot of money, but it might be enough to tide you over. 

Another bonus is that if you do sell at a pawnshop, then you can always buy the item back when your financial situation improves.

One tip from us: don’t take the first offer made to you and shop around. Especially if the item you want to tell is gold or silver. Check out the daily price for precious metals and make sure you are getting value for money. 

Hand out Flyers

Las Vegas is a capitalists’ dream, and there are thousands of people each day trying to get their business noticed. Night clubs, car lots, fast food outlets, casinos, you name it Vegas has it, and every one of them needs exposure. Many will opt to take the route of flyer distribution to get their name out on the street. 

This is where you come in. Look in the local free ads or Craigslist for flyer distribution jobs or pop into businesses directly and ask if they need someone to help spread the word. Handing out flyers, while not well paid, is an easy job and will put a few fast bucks in your pocket.

Sell Blood (Or Other Body Fluids)

There are many places in Vegas that will buy blood and plasma to sell to hospitals or companies for research. Selling blood can make you between $50 and $100 depending on how needy the company or hospital is and how rare your blood type is, and you can donate blood two times in three days. 

If needles aren’t your thing, then there are other body fluids and body parts that can be sold for money. Fertility clinics will buy semen, and wig manufacturers will buy hair. While both are generally less well paid than blood, they do allow you to double up and do both (or even all three) to replenish a bank balance. 

Spin a Sign

Similar to handing out flyers, many businesses use the age-old street-side sign wielder as a way of getting noticed. It might not be the most glamorous job, it’s a pretty painless way of making a few quick bucks, and with the Vegas weather being not too shabby it could be a fine way to spend a balmy afternoon in the sun. Sign-spinner jobs can be found at places like jobs.myspace.com, aarrowads.com or alluringadvertising.com. 

Complete a Survey

Many companies these days will pay you to take surveys for them, with most allowing you to do this online. Pay for survey completion is generally low, but over time revenue can accumulate to between $50 to $150 per week. All you need is your time and an electronic device. It’s as simply as that. Just be wary of people trying to scam you just to get your email.

Find a Job

Okay, this one may be obvious, but with so many temporary and permanent jobs available within the city, this could be the best way to get yourself out of a monetary pickle. For temp jobs, there are day labor companies that will pay minimum wage or a little more to anyone who is willing to put in a good day’s work. Or you could just pop into your local factories and business and ask if they need any temporary help. 

For permanent work then head online to one of the many job websites and start applying. A good resume will help here, but with so many different types of business in Vegas, there’s sure to be something for you. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.