Success From Home: How to Start a Small Business out of Your Home

The American dream is working from home as your own boss. To ensure success from home, you need to know how to properly start.

Knowing the right moves to make at the beginning prevents bigger problems later. Before you start pursuing your dream, check out our helpful guide.

Business Plan

The first thing a person should do is create a business plan. Write down what your business will be and how you’ll generate money. 

Organize your thoughts into a plan of action. This allows you to understand the purpose and overview of your business.

A solid business plan should include the following:

  • Overview – This section contains a mission statement and location information.
  • Executive Summary – Your products and services are explained here.
  • Funding Requests – Explains how you’ll fund the start-up.
  • Marketing – You should know how to advertise your company.

If a business plan doesn’t make sense, you might need to rethink your business.


Since you’re working from home, you’ll need a separate space to conduct business. Blurring the lines between work life and personal life can keep you from getting business done.

If you operate a successful commercial refrigeration repair company, your workspace will probably be a garage instead of a home office.

Having a separate area dedicated just work can inspire productivity and creativity. 


It’s almost impossible to run a business without a computer. Do you have a computer, cell phone, and printer that can handle your business functions? Does your home internet have enough bandwidth for business operations?

Take an inventory of your technology and equipment. Write down the office functionality you need and make a list of items to buy.

Purchases you make should contribute to making money for the business. If it doesn’t help generate revenue, table it for a later day.

Business Ownership

How do you want to set up your company? Forming a business entity has tax implications so choose wisely.

Register your business name with the state and apply for any related licenses. Permits might take a while to acquire, but it’s better to have them and avoid any legal issues later.

When you register your business name, file articles of incorporation to name officers and configure profit splitting.


How will running a business affect the family? Family members at home will be directly or indirectly part of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Minimize the negative effects of working from home, and maximize all the benefits.

People start home-based businesses to have more time with family. The reality is usually the opposite. Start-ups require lots of attention and time just to get off the ground.

It’s definitely a bonus to take a break and spend some with loved ones.


Modern advances in technology have made running a business from home easier. 

You can do most of your advertising online with social media. Store your data to the Cloud and access it anywhere.

Don’t work against technology. Adapt and make social media your ally.

Reaching for Success From Home

Starting a business at home is easier than its ever been. Having success from home brings about its own challenges.

The rewards of effectively running a business from home are invaluable. It’s the American dream.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.