Stream Energy Reviews: How Does the Stream Energy Compensation Plan Work?

At Stream Energy, Independent Associates are in charge of marketing the business’s services. Many Associates feel that the Dallas-based organization has made a notable difference in their lives because it’s given them back their time and financial freedom. What is Stream Energy, and how do Independent Associates earn an income? Let’s find out.

How Long Has Stream Energy Been in Business?

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and quickly became an innovative multi-billion-dollar accomplishment. The company’s eagerness to expand its packages and offer home, wireless, and protective services helped it reach new horizons, but its marketing strategy helps it continuously accomplish more. Its innovative plan gave it the foothold it needed in the market to keep climbing further.

Some of the services that Stream offers are:

  •    Energy: Stream gives residential and business customers the opportunity to utilize three types of energy (natural gas, electric, and clean energy). Types of clean energy available in certain states include hydro, solar, and wind.
  •    Protective: Virtual MD, Roadside Assistance, credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and technical support all fall under Stream’s protective umbrella.
  •    Home: Customers can always be connected to their smart homes via their smartphones.
  •    Wireless: Stream also offers cell phones, as well as domestic and international phone services.

Stream puts its marketing efforts in the safe and capable hands of its Associates, who have a personal stake in bringing in more revenue through word-of-mouth marketing. Today, Stream Energy is one of the most prominent direct-selling energy corporations worldwide.

How Do Stream Independent Associates Earn an Income?

The many positive Stream Energy reviews confirm that direct selling with Stream is a refreshing way to earn an income. Many mention how traditional day jobs tend to be more of a continuous uphill struggle.  

The Stream Opportunity Program began as a way for satisfied Stream Energy consumers to earn an income by selling Stream services to new clients. Nielsen found that 74 percent of consumers believed that word-of-mouth marketing had a major influence over their buying choices. After generating a revenue of more than $8 billion with these tactics, Stream agrees wholeheartedly.

Stream Energy Associates are able to form long-term customer relationships, which end up earning them countless returns. There isn’t any door-to-door selling involved here; referrals to family and friends are all Associates need to begin. Owning a business comes with a certain freedom that can’t be beat, and with Stream, some perks include choosing between free wireless or free energy. Being in control of time spent working and flexible schedules is a common theme among Stream Energy reviews.

When partnered with Stream, Associates who are driven to achieve more have unlimited potential for growth and success. Since Stream Energy doesn’t impose inventories or quotas on its Associates, the chance to earn income in such a flexible manner is truly unique. In 2015, Stream made it so that anyone in the United States could choose to be an Independent Associate to earn more with the company. After signing up, Stream trains all new Independent Associates so that they are ready to begin seeking new customers and bringing more talent onto their teams.

How much do Stream Energy Associates have to sell to earn money and rewards? Stream pays Associates in four different ways:

Immediate Income

There is opportunity to be rewarded around every corner. Associates can get paid right away with personal and team customer bonuses. For a Personal Customer Bonus, an associate must enroll 3 new customers in services. To be eligible for a Team Customer Bonus, an associate must also enroll a customer and sell services, but they can have the help of their Qualified Director to do so.

Monthly Earned Income

Associates can incur this type of income monthly when their customers continue to keep their accounts active. When the Associate reaches a higher level, their amount of monthly earned income becomes higher. All Associates must qualify on a monthly and initial basis to obtain monthly earned income.


Once Independent Associates reach the rank of Managing Director or higher, they are eligible to compete for incentives for the next year if they can reach qualification requirements. The competitive incentives and bonuses Stream offers along the way are truly generous. The company even offers a year of driving a new Mercedes or Tesla for Associates that persevere to the top. They can even qualify for another year if they keep their sales up. To take it even further, Stream offers a travel stipend, Streamcation, top performers trip, and extra perks at the annual company-held conferences.

However, there is still work involved. Those who are dedicated to putting in enough time and effort can reap the returns with a flexible lifestyle. Stream Energy has opportunities for those who just want to bring in a little more every month or take major steps towards achieving financial independence. There are many Stream Energy reviews for each of these lifestyles. Regardless of how much income people want to make with Stream, they can be confident that the business model is proven and backed up by a leadership team that cares.  

Although the company has grown to become one of the most successful organizations in the nation, Stream Energy reviews state that those in leadership still give Associates their care and attention in the same way that a small, family-run business would. It is unparalleled for larger corporations to achieve and consistently give this much dedication to their Associates.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Independent Associates can make an income with Stream Energy. The business only offers the services, products, and tools to help them bring in customers. It’s completely up to the individual Associate to maximize their potential to truly grow. However, Independent Associates who dedicate themselves to the opportunity can reap limitless rewards.


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