How To Make Your Small Business Look Legitimate When Working With Much Larger Companies

A smaller company might have a tough time attracting or keeping larger companies as clients due to a stigma that small means lower quality work. Things like having your own envelopes or packaging can make all of the difference when sending marketing or sales materials out. Visit for more information or to order a sample to see how it makes a difference. There are also other things that impact the image that others have of the company that can be handled quite easily. Below are tips to help your small business look legitimate so larger businesses do not think twice about working with you.


The website is the first impression that many clients and sales prospects will encounter. A poorly designed website that looks like it belongs in the 1990’s does not instill confidence to say the least. There should be a goal for the website whether it is to create leads or set appointments. Each page can have a different goal with a blog being to inform while the homepage should have contact information as well as location information. The “Our Team” page should try to humanize the staff to clients as it will help make them more reliable and help put a face to a name or email address.

Answering Service

Getting an answering service to make it seem like an executive assistant is picking up and putting a call through can do wonders for a business’ image. Being able to put someone through rather than search for the person that is needed also provides a much smoother experience for the customer. Giving a personal cell phone number can be done to show a client they are valued but a lot of customers will feel more comfortable calling the business’ number or client services number.

Office Space….Even If It Is Just Temporary

A shared workspace can be something that is perfect when bringing in clients for face to face meetings. Meeting at the home of the business owner does not scream a high quality business. These shared workspaces allow you to book conference and meeting rooms. The fact that there will be multiple businesses there is important as it can make your business look much larger. The other benefit is that mutually beneficial business relationships can be formed between the companies sharing the space.

Smooth Sales Processes

A smooth sales process makes a company look like it has closed deal after deal in the past. Even some larger companies do not have the best sales processes and it can impact revenue monthly. A client questionnaire can be a great way to have the client tell you what their pain points might be. Knowing why a client is reaching out for help is important as the pitch can be tailored to address these issues rather than pitch a service/product that will not help them.

Small businesses that present a professional exterior by taking care of small details can close large client after large client. Invest in the small business brand image and see what new heights can be attained!


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.