Stop wasting time and make your social media a business

Back in the day, before social media, the only way to get money from publicity was to either be a politician, musician, movie star or professional athlete. Today however, the opportunities for a regular person to make money are unprecedented and limitless, given the variety of platforms available. 

In 2003, society saw the early beginnings of social media through platforms such as MySpace, however today, platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are infinitely bigger by comparison. Those who tinkered with such early platforms received an appetizer of what was to come, and those who made a name for themselves early, continue to reap the benefits today. 

Anybody with a modest following and a good niche are able to market their account, and make lucrative amounts of money just taking and posting photos. There is nothing stopping you from doing it too, so here are some tips and tools so you can too. 

Time to get some followers

If you are looking to be an influencer, whether it be nano, micro, macro or mega, you have to start somewhere, and the one thing you will need are followers. Before you go out and buy bot followers, and convert every person with a social media account, there a few important things to note. 

The first is that you have to have a focused niche. This means a certain area that you specialize in, whether it be sports, fashion, travel or tech. Sure, you could be a jack of all trades, but how would you market that? The next thing to note follows from the first; you need to build a base that is attracted to your niche. 

This can be very difficult to do, so if you use Twitter, you could try Twesocial, which is a natural Twitter marketing service. In a nutshell, they will manage your account and engage with other accounts to promote organic follower growth. 

Hashtags will find your audience

Many people underestimate the power of hashtags, and simply assume they’re nice to add to post to get a few followers or likes. However, the art of analyzing and optimizing hashtags is a serious business, and when used correctly, can really help the growth of your account. Although Twitter first introduced hashtags in 2007, Instagram quickly saw the potential and became the hashtag king. Fast-forward to 2021, and hashtags are a crucial part of any accounts marketing strategy. 

Hashtags allow you to directly target the audience within your niche, and maximize your reach. If you are serious about using them to boost your growth, then you should check out Task Ant. This tool will give you the best suggestions for hashtags for whatever topic of the post is you’re about to make. The suggestions will consist of the most popular and effective hashtags, as well giving you the ability to save hashtag sets and the option to easily copy-paste them the next time you post. 

Furthermore, the tool gives detailed analytics for various hashtags, such as the engagement it generated, and how many people searched for it.

Do micro-influencers make money promoting products?

You might have seen a few influencers on Instagram or Twitter advertising a product, and wondered just how much they’re making. Many people don’t really know how big the influencer industry is, but statistics estimate that in 2020, the social media influencer market was worth around $10 billion. 

To give you a few more statistics to understand just how big this market is; there are roughly 500,000 active influencers, and that’s on Instagram alone. This means that out of the 1 billion Instagram accounts, 39% of them have more than 15,000 followers. Those micro-influencers earn about $88 per post on average, which might not seem like much, but consider how easy it is to post something. 

Another thing to note is that as the follower count rises, so does the price per cost, so an influencer with 50,000 to 80,000 followers can earn as much as $200 per post, as well as making deal with brands to get a percentage of a sale when a follower uses a promotional code. That is a lot of money for taking a photo with one hand while holding a product with another. If that sounds lucrative to you, then get posting.

Drew Neisser