Starting Your Own Business in the Travel Industry

If you love to travel and have dreamed of owning your own business, then you may be tempted to create a start-up in the travel industry. Travel can be a tough choice of industry, as you’ve no doubt seen in the past year with the impact of COVID, but it can also be one that’s interesting and varied and can be financially rewarding overall. Here are some things you need to know if you’re trying to make your way into the travel industry and how you can get started.

Think of a unique selling point

There are plenty of big travel companies out there that sell the standard package holidays, and competing with them can be tough, so if you’re a small, scrappy start-up, you may be better off thinking of something unique nobody else is doing. For example, you could look at buying a Boat in Thailand with Simpson Marine and renting it out or using it to give tours somewhere off the beaten path. Creativity can pay off in the travel industry.

Remote working has opened up new possibilities

The great thing about the travel industry is that a lot of the selling and business isn’t done face-to-face, so like many workers around the world, you can go remote and pick an inexpensive place to do business. Using a virtual office phone system ensures you can keep in touch with people wherever you are, so you can take your business to a global audience.

People are wanting to travel again

Although peoples’ incomes have suffered due to COVID, if you ask them what they’re most looking forward to, then travel will be high on the list. Many people have had holidays cancelled and refunded, so they want to put that cash towards something else, and the travel products you offer may fit the bill.

Within the travel industry, there are a lot of opportunities such as:

  • Being a flight or hotel broker
  • Booking people on cruises
  • Organising tours and events
  • Organising overseas weddings

Of course, there are also new and emerging markets popping up all the time, all of which could have the potential to make you your fortune.

Travel industry experience can help

Entrepreneurs don’t always have experience in the field they set up a business in, but there’s no denying it can help a lot. Working as a travel agent, or even a tour guide or similar, can teach you a lot about what people want from their travels, how they behave and more. It can also help you discover opportunities in the industry and start to build your ideas.

The travel industry is starting to recover, and people are going to be on the move again soon, so this could be a good time to start a business. If you’re someone who has a passion for travel, then this is a good start, and will give you the drive you need to succeed. And with remote working becoming popular, you may even end up working somewhere beautiful and exotic.