7 Benefits of Using a Virtual Office Phone System

Well hello again!  How has your week been going so far?  I hope it’s been well.  Sooooo……when I started my consulting business in 2009, I was looking for a cost-effective solution phone system solution that would help me present a professional small business image to my clients.

Since I was running my business on a shoestring budget, I knew that I needed something that would not cost me a ton of money.  After scouring the internet for a bit…I ran across an amazing phone solution called a Virtual Office Phone System.

What is a Virtual Office Phone System?

A virtual office phone system is quite simply an internet-based phone system that allows you to connect with your staff using one number – either a local or toll-free number.

7 Benefits of a Virtual Office Phone System

  1. You can use ONE phone number for all of your business needs—either Toll Free or Local Number to reach your team members
  2. Pay one flat rate every month for your phone service
  3. Access and manage your virtual office phone system from the Internet anywhere and anytime
  4. Access to an Auto Attendant system………that allows your callers to hear custom greetings and menus when they call your business number
  5. Create customized greetings and Auto Attendant messages for your company for your callers
  6. Use and access to downloadable Mobile Virtual Office Phone System Smartphone Applications to make and receive phone calls from your cell phone.  What’s great about this feature is that you can do the following all from your cell phone:
    a. Make and receive calls from your smartphone.  Calls will show up as your Virtual Office Phone number and not your cell phone number
    b. Receive incoming message and fax notifications from callers to your business
    c. Manage your phone calls, faxes and other messages separately
  7. Receive voicemail notifications to a designated email address

I have to say, I am always amazed by the technology that is available in today’s market.  As an entrepreneur who has used a Virtual Office phone system in my businesses, this is one form of technology that I believe can truly benefit small businesses. Even a SaaS Development Company!

Psssstttt! Here is a video demonstration of Ring Central….the current Virtual Office Phone System that I use in my business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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For a startup, using Virtual Office is a very effective & economical Idea. It helps you save money & at the same time, it will help you create the first point of touch for your customers.


Virtual phone systems are the best for offices, especially small businesses. There’s so much you can do with these phone systems. They are even cheaper than traditional ones and offer more features. Great read, thanks for sharing!

Taylor Anderson

It’s nice that virtual office phones can be accessed from cell phones as well. One of my friends is thinking of starting a business, so he may want to learn about the different types of phone systems. Thanks for all the great information on virtual phone systems.

Tyler Johnson

That’s cool that you could get your voicemail through an email. That seems like it would be pretty convenient if you are out of the office and someone needs to reach you. That sounds like something that would be worth investing in if I decide to start a business.

Alicia Byrne

I think it’s a great point you mentioned about virtual business numbers that allow us to manage business and private matters on our phones separately. I would imagine it to be a great benefit especially for companies that have just started their business to have a virtual phone number. My friend is interested in starting his own business online and I’m sure he’ll benefit from knowing more about virtual business numbers!

Jarom Linton

It’s great that you talked about how you can set up a business phone voicemail system that can send automatic emails to you. My uncle is going to build a new business this year that will in direct contact with a lot of customers. He needs to make sure he has a good phone system in place so that it’s easier to communicate.

Mason Smith

I love the idea of using just one phone number for the business so that there is less confusion. My brother is thinking about getting a new phone system for his company that he started. He wants to streamline his communications so that things happen quicker and more smoothly.


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