How Influencers Are Upping Their Game – SocialCaptain Review

Influencers have taken over the internet. Now that most people use social networks, the most prominent users on them have emerged atop the online pecking order. Some people have even leveraged their popularity in order to score lucrative brand deals and sponsorships.

In this review I will be looking at how influencers have leveled up their game on Instagram, and how the automation service SocialCaptain directly relates to that.

Being an Influencer on Instagram

Establishing yourself as an influencer on Instagram comes with a steep set of expectations. The most crucial of all of them is being able to deliver high-quality content on a consistent basis. This often takes up the majority of any influencers’ time.

However, even if you create amazing content, you still need to find an audience to appreciate it. Instagram is a visually-driven platform with a surplus of talented users vying for attention. It can be a constant struggle to get noticed.

This typically involves interacting with others and building a strong community around them. Many would-be influencers burn out after a while, because it takes a lot of effort to gather a respectable following while generating daily content. I mean, it’s outright demoralizing when you spend countless hours on your account only to get overshadowed by people who post random snapshots of their lunch.

For those of you who are still determined to succeed, I have some good news. There’s a much easier way to get ahead as an influencer.

The Convenience of Automation

Let’s be realistic and look at some numbers for a moment.

On average, an aspiring influencer would have to interact with hundreds of people each day in order to get their follower count into the upper thousands. Currently Instagram limits you to about 60 comments, 350 likes, and 160 follows per hour. Most people can only do a fraction of that while going at a reasonable human speed, and then an even smaller percent of that work would result in mutual engagement.

The amount of time you’d have to sink into maintaining a profitable pace would be frankly unreasonable to ask of anyone. That’s why most influencers don’t do it all by themselves.

The secret behind their apparent high levels of productivity? They’re actually wizards.

Just kidding. The answer is automation.

An automation tool allows you to remain active without ever needing to stop, or even look at your device. It performs all of your normal activity for you while maximizing the volume of your output. Not only that, but they also do the work of searching for and selecting users that fit your audience parameters.

Choosing a decent automation service can be dicey, though. There’s a lot of subpar ones out there, as well as some that are outright dishonest and unscrupulous.

That brings us to our next subject: how does SocialCaptain fare against the competition?

SocialCaptain in a Nutshell

From the outset, SocialCaptain seems like your standard automation service. It promises organic growth delivered “automagically” (I told you, wizards), and covers all of the usual areas that you’d want. It can automate your likes, comments, follows, and unfollows.

A cursory glance around the internet will tell you that SocialCaptain is mostly well-regarded. There’s plenty of good reviews and user ratings out there, which is often a positive sign. It is also trusted by an assortment of reputable sources like Social Media Explorer and Softonic.

Notable Features

A further look under the hood reveals that SocialCaptain has a lot more to offer than you’d expect. In fact, it might be one of the more versatile automation services I’ve come across.

In my opinion, the most outstanding feature is its targeting filters. As mentioned in Hosting Scoop’s SocialCaptain review, there’s a surprising amount of depth to be found here, with options to really focus on what types of users and posts you want to interact with. You can even limit it to the date range that the media was posted, and also by the amount of likes and comments it received.

Another feature that stood out was its real time analytics and growth tracking. Having this capability proved to be very useful in gauging the kinds of users that responded the most to my interactions.

Pricing Plans

SocialCaptain keeps it short and sweet when it comes to pricing. You can either get the regular plan for $15 per week or $39 per month, or the substantially faster Turbo plan for $99 per month.

This simplicity is a relief given how many services milk as much as possible from their customers with different packages and plan tiers.

Customer Support

You have to respect any support team dedicated to performing their duties well. They often have to put up with a lot while trying to help customers. I should know, since I’m a frequent contributor to their troubles..

It’s not without good reason, mind you. A stress test is necessary to find out if a support team has what it takes to deal with any type of customer. So I asked complicated questions, feigned ignorance, asked for step-by-step guidance, acted impatient, and went on long-winded tangents during our live chats.

I apologize to anyone on SocialCaptain’s team I might’ve inconvenienced. They were all knowledgeable, energetic, diligent, and treated me with total patience as they provided assistance.


If you’re an influencer looking to make waves on Instagram, then you’re going to need an automation tool. It will make your life a lot easier and boost your productivity overall.

I honestly can’t think of many automation services better than SocialCaptain, so I give it my wholehearted endorsement. It’s reasonably priced, staffed with a wonderful support team, and has a ton of great features.

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